Save Your Children From Deadly Diseases: Vaccinate Timely

Save Your Children From Deadly Diseases: Vaccinate Timely
Save Your Children From Deadly Diseases: Vaccinate Timely

After years of successful research on vaccinations for many deadly diseases, has it been possible to eradicate all those diseases completely from this world? The answer is no and its a very big pity for the entire human race.

Previously, diseases like measles, small pox, and diphtheria were very common. Even more, the common plight was death due to these diseases.

Medical Science had not reached the advanced level to find out proper medication and cure for these but in due course of time vaccinations against these diseases were developed.

Though the cause of these diseases still exists on earth the vaccination has helped to build immunity against them.

If vaccination is given to the kids in the right time, the probability of getting attacked by these diseases can be significantly avoided.

Vaccinations dose are must

The major diseases that come in the list of vaccination are polio, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, measles and tuberculosis. Children are mostly vaccinated right after their birth till the age of five.

Apart from these conventional vaccinations, the PCV (pneumococcal vaccine) has been recently introduced to protect kids from three more deadly diseases.

Meningitis, bacteremia and severe blood infection can be prevented if your child is vaccinated with PCV exactly in the first year of the new born baby. There is of course a stipulated time-frame to be followed.

The new born is vaccinated with PCV for the first time at the age of two months. This dose is followed by another just in the fourth month.

Then the next turn will come in the sixth month. Just at the end of one year, the fourth dose is scheduled and the final dose goes in the fifteenth month.

Therefore a total of five doses of the PCV are given to a baby. This has actually been made effective by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Importance of vaccination

Though vaccinations are mostly for little children, the consciousness must be built in the parents and the guardians primarily.

Be sure that the idea that vaccinations are not meant for cure but mainly for control. Now control for a long time can take the shape of permanent cure.

How is this possible?

Small pox would be the best reference to understand such a control-cure relationship. Even a century ago people suffered of small pox.

Gradual vaccination and consciousness among people led to a successful endeavor in growing the immunity against this disease.

Finally there is no one present in the world right at this moment who suffers from this disease. But there is always a but.

An obvious question arises why then every time a vaccination is required when such diseases normally don’t trouble us.

Here lets take diphtheria as an example.

Diphtheria vaccination had successfully emerged as a remedy for the disease. The fall of Soviet Union and its emerging as individual small states called for several problems in its roots. Epidemics were one if them.

The most widespread epidemic during that time in the 1990s was diphtheria. Would you say that the vaccination didn’t work?

This will be a wrong way to judge the situation. It wasn’t the fault of the vaccination but somewhere the key germ of disease remained in a human body which was not vaccinated and it spread out.

So if all of you parents really want to save your babies from deadly diseases, you must vaccinate them timely. This the only way you can immunize them forever.