Website Design, SEO Techniques All Part Of Search Engine Pie

Website Design, SEO Techniques All Part Of Search Engine Pie
Website Design, SEO Techniques All Part Of Search Engine Pie

There is a critical element of thought that many Internet Marketers are missing about SEO techniques and getting websites ranked high in the search engines.

And it all goes back to the elementary principle of the “whole” being the sum total of all of its parts.

This simple, yet often forgotten principle is alive and well in Internet Marketing and search engine dominance.

These techniques are so subtle, so easy to implement and so minute in the bigger picture, that many people feel they are not worth doing simply because they seem so insignificant.

Seemingly, if it is that easy, it cannot also be that powerful. And yet, each of these really simple techniques, when added together creates a commanding website structure that will result in search engine dominance.

These traffic generating SEO techniques are enumerated over and over again in articles, eBooks, teleseminars, and email marketing newsletters and ezines every day.

So much so, that many people have the tendency to overlook their effectiveness – even though they are some of the most critical and successful methods of structuring a website that will rank high in the search engines.

These techniques include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Keywords in title tags and descriptions.

2. File and directory naming conventions that include keywords.

3. H1 headline tags that contain keywords.

4. Keywords appearing as the first and last text on a page.

5. Internal links that are keyword rich.

6. Adding robot.txt and sitemap.xml files to a site.

7. Article submissions providing critical inbound links.

8. Blogging and RSS feed broadcasting.

How many times has an SEO expert shared one of the above tips or techniques and made the claim that it is a “little known secret,” or the “one thing” that made all the difference in getting indexed faster?

And for as many times as it’s been written about, there are that many people and more who simply ignore the advice! It just seems too easy. It appears to be too insignificant to make a difference. And yet, it is exactly these easy and insignificant things that do indeed distinguish one person’s success from another person’s failure.

In pursuit of finding the magic bullet, Internet Marketing entrepreneurs frequently trample past these little gems as they are forging a path to finding the “next big thing” that will make all the difference in search engine dominance.

Please listen carefully… it is the sum total of all of these “little things” that IS the bigger picture! The answer is staring you right in the face – do not ignore it and continue searching for something bigger and better. It simply does not get any bigger than this!

There are, at most, ten to 15 little pieces of the SEO pie that will combine to form the whole of a powerful search engine friendly website. Use them. Embrace them. Get excited and diligent about them. Do not pass them off as being too insignificant to matter.

They are of paramount importance and if given the weight they deserve, will yield results that will remain elusive to the majority of the Internet Marketing population who simply discount them on the basis of their simplicity. Heed this advice and you will suddenly see the amazing results they profess to achieve.