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What Qualities Women Look For In A Man

So, what is it women really want from their men? Most men still don’t seem to have this issue straight, due to many puzzling statements we read over the net or in magazines.

Basically, it isn’t that complicated, so it’s a shame to try to be something you really aren’t, when it is far from what women really seek in men!

Well to start with, good looks are appreciated in a man, although they are not as important to women as they are to men.

Men seem to think that all a woman is looking for is a good looking man with lots of money.

Well, they’re wrong! It won’t help any man to try and market himself as a muscle man with loads of bills, this just won’t work, not if what he is looking for is a girl with some sense looking for a stable and loving relationship.

If a man finds a women by using this attributes, he will be landed with a fortune seeker, interested in money alone and not in him at all!

Women really appreciate honest men, this is probably the most important characteristic they seek in men, they don’t like playing games.

If you want to be with them, then they must feel sure they can trust you, or else it won’t be worthwhile.

This characteristic also goes side by side with intelligence. An intelligent man will attract most women, they like to listen and be proud of their man when they’re amongst others in conversation.

A woman must be able to respect the man who is at her side, if she doesn’t she won’t be able to love him.

This doesn’t mean that you need a degree, it means that you must have opinions and interests, you must be able to take the initiative, even if you don’t agree with your woman partner on some issues, it shows you have character!

A women likes to feel protected, although not overwhelmed, a working man who has his ambitions or interests is very attractive.

A lazy attitude is off-putting for women, this doesn’t mean you have to work 12 hours a day, it just means women like their men to have goals in life and for your future.

A good sense of humor is a real asset, women love men who are funny. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a comedian, it just means that women love to laugh.

These kind of relationships are the best, a carefree man with a quick sense of humor can really help, especially when you are passing through hard times.

Reliable men are good men according to women. it is nice to be able to count on a man, that he can be there when in need.

Shared values are also important, although couples may differ in what they agree on or not, in a serious relationship, if two people do not share the same principles, chances are trouble is ahead.

A relationship cannot live without this, for they will be faced with many important decisions in their life, especially when children are involved, so make sure you share these values with your partner, if you’re seeking something more than a simple date.

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