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What Should Be The Best Hairstyle For Round Faces?

You are not fat! Just healthy! You need not over stress yourself to control your weight rather keep fit and fine with style.

Actually the reason others find out that you put on large pounds is the shape of your face. Have you tried to discover this?

What’s in your face that makes you a bit weighty which you are actually not? Oh! The round shape! You are right!

This is a case with millions of women under the sun who have round faces and easily taken as a bit plump.

All discredit goes to those chubby cheeks, you might think. But they are so lovely and pinkish that one would love to pour all caressing touches by pulling those.

Change your hairstyle

What can you really do to hide the chubbiness of your round face? Change your hairstyle. There are some perfectly matching hairstyles that will go with round shaped faces and won’t allow the plump to get focused on.

You shouldn’t call it a problem, but the chubby cheeks actually reduce the length of your neck and that brings up a fatty look.

The hairline should be cut matching perfectly with the dimension of the round structure of your face.

  1. Wear silky and shiny hair

Take care of your hair and try to maintain the quality. Silky and shiny hair with a so-so thickness is quite fine for chubby cheeks and covers up the round face.

When you have a round-cut face the length of the face is diminished. So your hairstyle should be such that it can increase the length of your face.

2. Short hair cuts

This is purely absurd that round faces and short haircuts are a mismatch. No way! Just when you try out any such style, ask your hair dresser to especially pay attention on the front layers of your hair as they can give length to the round shape of your face. So locks and layer cuts are fantastic on round faces.

3. Layered style

Instead of shaping your hair in a round-cut or straight-cut that adds the length from below, the layered style is more appropriate.

The best part of this cut is it reduces the heaviness of hair, as well as your face. You may call it to be in disguise but it creates a better appeal in your getup.

4. Bob cut

When you have a round-shaped face, it is quite normal that you also have double chins. Now this is a major factor allowing others to call you fatty.

This time you will not only have to hide your cheeks but also your chins. How will you get this done; a two-in-one formula?

Nothing in this world is impossible. Hair dressers know exactly how to give you the right shape. They will fit on your face a splendid bob cut of hair and allow the length of the hair reaching the chins.

5. Crop cut

If you are still dissatisfied that there will be passing remarks on your figure and physique, go for a crop-cut hair.

The cropping of your hair not only will make your face lengthy but also will add a few centimeters to the neck portion, thus elongating your face.

Once you have covered the flabby part of your face and chins, the rest can be perfectly managed with the outfits.

6. Long hairstyles

Long hairstyles are also alive for round faces. You must protect your hair from extra heat, dryness and heavy moisture effects.

This keeps the length brilliant and to hide the plump appeal, curls and layers are perfectly suitable.

7. Dark honey blonde pixie bob

A deep side part dark honey blonde pixie bob can give a wonderful illusion to round faces. This hair style should be layered and should not maintain any form of uniformity. By so doing, the face is given a slim look.

8. Straight bob

A deep side part straight bob can make round faces look their best. You just need to recreate that asymmetrical cut to a straight bob to get an awesome result.

9. Short shaggy bob

This kind of hairstyle rocks too well on round faces. An asymmetrical bod can be styled in side parting shaggy waves to offset round faces.

10. Flowing layers

Flowing layers causes movement around the face and these movements helps hide the curves of chin and cheeks which in turn elongates the round face.

11. Short natural hair

A round face can be elongated by wearing a short natural hair. The volume of the hair should be added up while the sides are all kept close.

12. Loose waves

Loose waves can give a longer face. The hair is parted in the middle to create balance curve and a flattering effect on round faces.

13. Messy ponytail

Two loose strands hanging down the front sides of the ponytail can accentuate the round face and give it a splendid slim look.

When making a pony tail, create a parting in the center and allow strands to loosely hang on the sides.

14. Choppy wavy side parted bob

A voluminous medium hairstyle definitely has a way of making a round face look straight. With the right color suitable for your skin, choppy wavy side parted bob will give you a youthful look.

15. Fauxhawk

Round faces as stated earlier requires hairstyles that will make them elongated. Fauxhawk does just that as it adds height to the round face simply done with a comb and hair gel.

16. Smooth curls

Smooth curls are gotten by minimizing frizz after hair curling as this will elongate a round face effortlessly.

17. Dramatic comb over

By sweeping the hair sideways, your accessories show while one side of your cheek is covered. This can be dramatic to a round face.

18. Blunt bob

Blunt bob with a deep side parting can add a great slimming effect to the face. The length should be sit below jawline to give a longer face.

19. Textured lob

Middle part lobs with textured ends falling on the shoulders draws attention to the jawline which in turn elongates the face.

20. Thick pony

Center parted thick ponytail is another hairstyle suitable for round faces. The thick pony should be pulled straight back as to add texture to the face.

21. Medium Asian shag

A medium length Asian shag elongates round faces. The hairstyle has choppy layers and could be made with bangs or without bangs.

This hairstyle can be parted in the center or a little off center and best suited for people with thin hair.

22. Big swoop bangs

Round faces always desire hairstyles that can flatter the face. Big swooping bangs down the face streamlines the top half of the face to rock the round face.

23. Curly updo

There are some hairstyles most suitable for months that are warmer. With a curling iron, tight curls can be created by working from the root all the way down and can be pinned back.

24. Extra-long hair

Round faces can wear extra-long hair to slim the face. This kind of hairstyle also adds movement to the face as it can be worn on side part or center part.

25. Beachy waves

Beachy wave’s hairstyle does not really have lots of volume. It simply has enough height to give a longer slimmer face. The natural hair should be tonged before misting to be able to get this kind of waves.

26. Asymmetrical pixie

This hairstyle, asymmetrical pixie can be best suited for round faces. It can have varieties of lengths to add contour and acuity to the face.

It can also be cropped on one side and also side swept bang by the sides for a longer face look.


Wear your own style in any type and any length of hair but mind you that it should cover the roundness of your face and give the feel of the length. No one will ever think you as fatty if you can put on any such hairstyles with perfection!

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