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What Things To Look Out For On Your First Date

So here you are in front of your date for the very first time, you’ve been nervously waiting for this moment and now here you are face to face with him.

But how are you going to tell if he is in fact the right one for you?

What are the tell signs you should be looking out for, those that should help you discern what kind of a guy he really is, whether or not he is putting on an act?

Here are a few tips to help you through your first date, in order to get things clear right from the start.

If when you’re there in front of him still wondering what this guy’s really like and the phone starts going off or he keeps sending or receiving texts, forget him.

This is your first date, after all, he should at least be giving you his full attention. If he’s doing this to give an impression of importance, that’s a sure sign of immaturity!

There are of course exceptions if he is a doctor for example and someone needs to reach him for an emergency, or any other job that may require his immediate attention. The fact that he is dedicated to his career is then a good sign.

Here you are, you’ve just met and he’s asking you your name again! That’s a real turn off! If he forgets your name, forget him!

This is a clear sign of neglect, a person who can’t even remember the name of a person he’s supposed to be dating, will not be one to give much attention.

Of course, if you’re in a very loud bar and you’ve just met him, chances are he didn’t hear your name in the first place, so in this case, you can give him a second chance.

He can’t seem to find anything more interesting than talking about his ex-girlfriend! This is a sure sign he hasn’t got over her yet, if he keeps on about her it’s probably a good idea to let him know that you’ll gladly meet him again when he’s ready for it!

He doesn’t stop looking at other women! Apart from being really rude, if he does that it means he thinks the world of himself or doesn’t care much about you.

Either way, you should drop him on the spot, if he can’t keep his eyes of others then he can keep them off you when he turns around to see the seat in front of him is empty!

Your dinner date is over and the check arrives. You are more than glad to split the cost, but he doesn’t seem too keen, as he’s not reaching for his wallet.

If he still pretends nothing is wrong when you pass a hint, just act superior, pay with your credit card and leave a tip as well as your date behind at the table. There is nothing worse than stinginess!

The date hasn’t really gone that smoothly and you’re not so sure, then to top it off he leans over for a kiss! This is a clear sign that he’s both insensitive and dumb!

Do not concede, just turn away with the firm conviction that this is the first and last time you’ll see him!

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