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What Version Of The Xbox360 Console Is Right For You?

Currently (Dec. 2007) Microsoft has three basic versions of the Xbox 360 console: the Xbox 360 Arcade, the standard Xbox 360, and the Xbox 360 Elite system.

The base system is the same for each with added benefits to enhance gameplay and media enjoyment for each different console bundle.

The Arcade version has limited storage for arcade games. It would not be gamers’ first choice for a video game console.

The standard Xbox 360 has a 20 Gb hard drive, which is sufficient storage for games and a few songs and a video or two.

The Elite has 120 Gb of storage and comes included with an HDMI digital audio-video cable. This is for those users who expect downloading and storing many videos, photos, game data, or music.

The HDMI cable is convenient for those that need that type of connection for their home theater system. The Elite is the only system that is all black as well.

All the systems have Silver Xbox live memberships and a wireless controller included. Game compatibility is the same for the regular and Elite consoles.

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They are compatible with all Xbox 360 games plus over 300 original Xbox games. The Arcade version is compatible with all Xbox 360 games.

Obviously the prices for the consoles are different. The arcade machine can be had for around 280. The standard sells for around 350. The Elite goes for 450.

The Xbox console is not that large when compared with the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3. It is sleekly designed and has interchangeable faceplates that allow it to be fitted into a home cinema rack.

The wireless controller is really cool and wonderfully convenient. The Xbox console supports four wireless controller devices.

The Xbox 360 has amazing graphics. All the games are optimized for high definition output. In addition, it has USB 2.0 ports for attaching accessories.

Accessories include a steering wheel for driving games and a chat messenger that allows you to send instant messages to your friends while you are playing.

These accessories are not included with the console bundle and must be purchased separately. The Xbox 360 console is HD ready for games and has Dolby Digital sound to give players a complete surround sound gaming experience.

The console will play on any television, high definition or not. You just need to have the video and audio inputs for the TV or home theater system.

The Xbox 360 console plays audio CDs, as well as DVDs, stores photograph, and will play mp3’s. The Xbox 360 truly represents a big leap forward in next-generation gaming technology.

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