The Top Five Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

The Top Five Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas
The Top Five Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

Holding a wedding in the fall is a wonderful idea, but simply holding the wedding on a date on the calendar that just happens to land on a time of the year that is within the fall season simply will not do the proper justice to the theme of a fall wedding.

This is why the wedding and the wedding decorations need to enact a great deal of the items that are so closely associated with the fall.

This would include the following five fall wedding decoration ideas:

  1. Decorations should be based on a theme of the fall harvest.

Since the fall is most associated with the harvesting of the bounty of food that is derived from the earth, the decorations should borrow heavily from symbols and conventions of such an environment.

If they do not, then there is the risk being run that the fall season theme for the wedding will become less than recognizable. This in and of itself will defeat the entire purpose of holding a fall wedding.

2. Photographic decorations should reflect the season of the fall.

This would include interesting photographs placed on the wall or on placards that are reflective of farms and harvesting.

Instead of just providing symbolism of the fall season, actual photographic reproductions would be even better.

This is not as expensive a decoration as one would think as there are many wonderful photographic representations that are available for display use.

3. Decorations should be based on parts of the world where the solstice is celebrated.

Much of the great symbolism of the fall season derives from what is now the United Kingdom and the former Germanic Empire.

While borrowing earthen symbols from these old cultures might be somewhat esoteric, it can be effective if it is used to a minimal degree and as a supplement to the more recognizable symbols that may be present.

4. Decorations based around certain color schemes that are common with the fall.

Green and bright red, for example, are not very evocative of the fall. So, it is suggested that the colors of light red and orange and beige are utilized, as they are the colors of the changing leaves that the fall is so well associated with.

5. Using the exterior backdrop of the fall season as the total decorative idea.

In other words, instead of holding the wedding inside where the beauty of the fall season is hidden, holding the wedding outside where the beautiful sun and leaves and trees are clearly visible would be far more preferable.

The fall is a wonderful season of the year so it should be embraced particularly when it is used as the backdrop to something as glorious as a wedding.

There are, of course, many more decoration ideas that can be utilized as the beauty of the fall season goes on forever and the wonderful symbolism that can be borrowed from the fall season for decorative use is fairly unlimited.

So, simply brainstorm for ideas and a great many different, wonderful, intelligent decorative ideas that can be instituted.