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What You Should And Shouldn’t Do On Your First Date

When you’re finally ready for your first date, there are some important factors to keep in mind if you want to turn this data into a success.

We are never sure whether our kind of behavior will leave a good impression or not on our first date, so it is best to follow a few general rules.

First of all, it must be clear that you must never give a false impression of yourself, even if you feel this might help your date get a good impression of you.

This person may be the right one for you after all, so it is unfair to pretend you’re someone you’re not really.

Most of us have been very nervous on our first date, not sure if we got the time or place right, afraid to have got things mixed up.

Well, a confirmation call will work wonders on your nerves, and your dates as well, you’ll feel much better for it and will give your date more value.

When you are finally facing your date and talking for the first time, remember that eye contact is very important.

Your date will feel he or she has all your attention and consequently feel important and interesting; this will also help them to feel less nervous, encouraging them to be themselves.

Do not talk on your cell phone during your date or check your messages, this is extremely rude and irritating.

Your date will not think you are a busy person that people are constantly trying to reach; he or she will simply feel embarrassed. So to avoid this, simply switch your phone off.

People like compliments, so don’t be stingy and go ahead and compliment your date on whatever strikes you most, without overdoing it of course. This will be greatly appreciated, especially if they have made an effort to look nice.

While complimenting is great, being too forward or talking too closely to someone can be off-putting.

Everyone needs their own personal space; especially if they still don’t know you well enough, they will feel suffocated and as a reaction will simply refuse to open up to you.

You may think you are creating some sort of intimacy, but you are in fact doing quite the opposite!

If your date is trying to make you laugh in an effort to break the ice, feel free to laugh at his or her jokes, without of course faking or laughing too loudly.

They are doing their best to make you feel at ease, so be polite and go along with them, even though the jokes may not always be that funny!

Last but not least, never be late for your date! Your date will think you do not respect them and that you are not a reliable person.

It is important to show the other person that you are responsible and that you do care, everyone loves a person who keeps to his or her promises and arrives on time!

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