Where To Find A Laser Sailboat

Laser Sailboat
Where To Find A Laser Sailboat

Where to Find a Laser Sailboat

If its a Laser Sailboat you are looking for, you’ll be surprised where you’ll see them because you are most likely to see them in Olympic competitions.

The Laser Sailboat is sailed worldwide in competitions run by the International Laser Class Association (ILCA). Competitions are divided into regions that encompass areas of six of the seven continents of the world.

Although you’ll view them in competitions on any sports channel this is by no means the only place that you will find these boats.

Laser Sailboats have become very popular among today’s youth. They are known as a single-handed boat as they are sailed by one person only.

So, popular is this single person boat that anywhere that a person can sail is where you’ll find them. They are exciting and maybe a little dangerous; giving the young adults who sail them a little excitement on the open water.

There are currently one-hundred and eighty thousand of them owned by sailing enthusiasts.

The history of the Laser Sailboat can be traced back to 1971 at the New York boat show where it was first shown to the public. It caught on immediately. 

In 1974, only three years after its initial premiere, the first world championships took place in Bermuda. They had twenty-four countries competing. At this first completion, it was an American who won. 

In 1996 the Laser Sailboat entered the Olympic competition for men. In 2008 it will become a women’s event as well.

If this competition excites you and you want to see it at its best then what you want to do is find the Laser Sailing that most resembles Formula One Racing.

The competition will be tough, the rules tougher and it will feel like you are at a racetrack not simply sitting watching boat racing.

The rules are made to keep this a fair race so the sailboat and crew are weighed. That means that the lightest crew will be made heavier by the use of weights to alter the overall weight of the Laser Sailboat. Its referred to as crew equalization.

There cannot be any extra devices to assist in power. Not only is this an important rule for competitions, but also it is an enforced rule with checks being made during the events. You’ll enjoy that because the races are short they may run several in a day.

If you’re interested in owning one of these to race or just enjoy sailing you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one to buy.

You’ll only have to decide if you want a new or used one. They are available at a variety of boat sellers, both new and used, or through the classifieds in your local newspaper.

If you can’t find one that way, check out the sailing magazines. They always have ads with boats for sale.

In summary

One of these sources will help you find your Laser Sailboat. You should know that a new one is an expensive item so it might be better to consider used.