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7 Spots To Catch Spring Bass

Depending on where you live and fish, the time from mid-April to mid-June is a good time to fish for spring bass.

At this time of year, there are many bass spending time on their spawning beds in breeding mode and other bass staged to begin breeding soon.

Bass that are on their beds for the spawn is not really feeding but are in an aggressive defensive mode ready to attack anything that happens to get too close to the bed.

These fish are in the shallows and are able to be fished by sight in many cases. The challenge is to entice them to attack your bait presentation by getting it close to their faces. This bass will defend the spawning beds!

Bass that are not quite ready to spawn yet are staged in a little deeper water but are feeding aggressively.

In order to catch as many basses as possible in the springtime, follow these seven guidelines to locate spawning and staged bass for some great bass fishing action!

Fish underwater ledges, ditches, or troughs. Using a depth finder, locate the contour changes that form these troughs or ledges.

Staging bass will be there typically near cover or creek intersections. This bass can be fished for using a variety of baits.

Perhaps your best chance at catching this bass however would be with soft artificial worms or lizards in pumpkinseed color.

Fish the deep grass. Staging bass often congregates along a grass bed’s deeper edge. Cast artificial baits parallel to the grass bed edge, but staying close to the edge itself.

Your bait should be retrieved fast enough so as not to snag on the weeds. Rattling crankbaits in crawdad color may work well here.

Fish the creek channel bend. Staging bass will locate on the deeper side of the bend. Try casting a black or pumpkinseed jig tipped with a trailer of some type to entice the bite.

Fish the points. Staging bass often congregates on the side of the point closer to the spawning area.

If there happens to be any cover in the area, the spot should definitely produce well. Cast a white or chartreuse spinnerbait retrieved just under the surface close to the shoreline cover. Up and down jigging retrieve with the spinnerbait can also produce well here.

For spawning bass, fish the pads and the stumps. Sometimes bass will make their beds on the roots of pads or underwater stumps.

These fish will be close to this structure and can be fished with a lizard or large worm in chartreuse, white or black with a white stripe.

The tactic here is to cast past the bed itself, then move the bed ever so close to the bed to entice the byte.

Fish the rocks and the docks. Spawning bass naturally seek out rocky areas to spawn. Those areas are especially good for producing bass if there is overhead cover like a dock or overhanging tree limb.

Try a tube bait with a jig head cast into the bed area and retrieved with a twitching motion to entice a strike.

Fish the shallow grass. Spawning bass will make their beds among patches in underwater grass beds.

To catch the bass located here, try fishing with some type of swim bait as it is common for bass beds located here to be visited by other fish species like bluegill.

All in all, tailoring your strategies to catch spring bass that are spawning or that are in pre-spawn mode can produce some exciting bass fishing adventure.

When you are out on the lake, pay attention to the topographical features of the lake to locate these exciting catchable fish.

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