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Summer Safe Boating Tips

Today while driving to office did you feel the change in the air? The summer has already arrived and now yes, you are right that now is the perfect time to think about boating.

But, you must take care while you go for boating, because there are some common hazards present for boaters during any season.

Don’t think you do not have to take any safety measures just because now it is summer. Rather now, it is even more important that you consider about safe boating.

There are some tips about safe summer boating discussed below.

a) Do not give any stupid reason for not wearing a life jacket. 

Mostly we tend to give lame excuses for not using life jackets. Yes, it is true you might not feel comfortable at all after wearing life jackets.

But isn’t your life important than comfort to you and moreover nowadays you can get such inflatable life jackets which are as comfortable as wearing a simple belt or lightweight harness.

And even if you do not plan to go in the water, but when an accident does occur and boaters go overboard — sometimes unconscious- it often becomes too late to don a life jacket.

b) Always check out whether your kids life jacket fits properly.

It is all the same like not wearing a life jacket, and worse that it gives you a false sense of security. Always go for a good fitting life jacket.

c) Do not carry alcohol with you for boating.

If you check the statistics then you will find that alcohol played a significant role in nearly 40 percent of all boating fatalities. And the percentage is going up always. According to a Coast

Guard estimate, boat operators with a blood alcohol concentration above .10 percent are more than ten times as likely to be killed in a boating accident than boat operators with zero blood alcohol concentration.

So, don’t take the risk of carrying alcohol with you and enjoy the boating experience safely.

d) Be cautious if you get the symptoms like irritated eyes, headache, nausea, weakness, and dizziness.

They are the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Since all boat engines produce Carbon Monoxide, it is better to use Carbon Monoxide detectors on your boat.

Because this gas can kill you in minutes and boaters are killed every year because of this.

You are exposed to the risk from this gas even on the swim platforms of your boats and in other areas where CO exhaust may accumulate or be emitted.

e) Go for a boating safety course.

There are lots of inexpensive and quick courses available. It is essential for you since 70% of accidents are caused by factors that are controlled by the boats operatorsuch as failure to pay attention, carelessness, recklessness, inexperience, excessive speed, and failure to watch for hazards.

f) Before you go out always consult the local TV weather channel or local radio station to check out the weather forecasts.

Don’t disregard this tip! You never know what the wind has got in store for you. So, to make your boating experience safe, smooth and comfortable take this tip seriously.

g) Take extreme caution while you are boating along any shore area.

Though the dangerous shorelines are always marked by the U.S. Coast Guard with white buoys, which should be kept between your vessel and the shore but sometimes the buoys can be dragged off their positions by heavy wind or waves.

So, always take care to stay away from the marking buoys while boating.

So, before going out for a recreational trip consider these safety tips and make your boating experience fun-filled and comfortable for yourself and your near and dear ones.


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