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Why Do Infants Need Vitamin D Supplements?

Pause for a moment and think, are you taking good care of your baby? Your baby is the most beautiful and the most valuable thing in your life.

Is the little one getting the right kind of care? You have to know that. You can not take this matter lightly.

Your little child is totally dependent on you. It is you who can find out if your baby is suffering from some kind of disorder.

The problems that the babies generally suffer from can be treated by the proper dosage of vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a very crucial role in the growth of the baby. So, you must see whether your little child is getting it in the proper amount.

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First of all, try to find out, what are the diseases that the baby is most vulnerable to. The next task is to make a little research on the causes behind these diseases.

As for instance, breast fed babies are mostly exposed to rickets. This is a disease that affects the process of bones growth and development.

No doubt, breast milk is the most essential food for your bay. Breast milk is a natural food that the mother produces for her child.

It also contains anti bodies and various other elements that work for the development of the child’s immunity.

Thus, breast milk helps the baby to fight the external diseases in a better way. Breast milk is a nutrient and also very easy to digest.

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So, it protects the baby from diseases like diarrhea and constipation. But on the other hand breast milk contains very little amount of vitamin D.

Your baby requires about 400 IU of vitamin D per day while the breast milk can offer only 15 to 40 IU per litter. This quantity is not sufficient for your baby.

This is the reason that your baby, who is entirely dependent on your breast milk, should receive vitamin D supplements ion a regular basis.

And that should start from the time of the baby’s birth until they start getting it from their diet.

You may think that you are eating foods that are rich with vitamin D and that is ultimately transferred to your baby. But you are wrong.

Some good sources are definitely there which contain high levels of vitamin D, but the amount is not enough for making your breast milk enriched with the right level of vitamin D, your baby actually needs.

So, the baby needs supplements of vitamin D to fulfill the requirement. But you must be aware that at the time of pregnancy you have to take enough amount of vitamin D because if you are vitamin D deficient, your baby will also be born so.

Now you have to know about the sources of vitamin D. Babies from Northern communities face the vitamin D deficiency more than the other communities.

If you are from northern community, you can give your baby cows milk and margarine. These are fortified with vitamin D.

Besides that some other food are also there which are rich in vitamin D. These include salmon, tuna, liver, kidney etc.

If your baby is less exposed to the sun light, it is not good for the health. Vitamin D is formed by the skin when the skin is exposed to the sun.

So, you have to see whether your baby is getting enough sun light or not. Allow your child under the sun as far as possible so that his skin is able to produces enough vitamin D.

But do not forget to apply some sun screen lotion on his skin first; it will protect his skin from harmful UV rays.

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