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Why Do People Blog?

It seems that everybody is blogging these days. Grandmothers, children, school teachers, Hollywood stars, political figures, corporations, and small businesses blog.

Blogs allow everyone in the world to have a voice, no matter what it is that they wish to say.

Some people even blog at great personal risks, such as the risk of going to prison, or potential death, in communist and war-torn countries. But why do people blog?

The reasons are numerous – Definitely too numerous to list them all. But there are some pretty standard reasons why people blog.

Here are some of those reasons:

  1. People blog instead of writing in a personal journal. Some of those blogs are locked uptight and not accessible by the public.

Some are accessible by the general public, but since these types of bloggers rarely use their real names, using screen names instead, they don’t mind if strangers read their personal thoughts.

Often, they even encourage readers to leave comments.

2. People blog because they feel passionate about a particular topic, and they want to express their thoughts and opinions on that topic.

They may blog in the hopes that it will somehow change a situation related to the topic, or to bring public awareness to a situation or topic.

3. People blog for the purpose of networking with other people. This is often called social networking.

One of the newest blog sites/social networking sites is MySpace, which is geared more towards teens as well as to the 20 something and 30 something crowds.

It’s used as a way to meet other people while publicly expressing themselves.

4. Blogs are used among family members to keep in touch or to journal special events so that distant family members don’t miss out on the event.

Such even could be when a young couple living far away from their families is going to have their first baby.

People also blog about particular personal experiences, such as spouses of military personnel who are separated due to war, or tours of duty.

5. Corporations blog to keep customers informed about upcoming changes, new products, or company news that is of interest to the public.

They also often have blogs that are only accessible to employees of the corporation, so that management and employees can keep each other informed about company business.

Small businesses blog for the same reasons that corporations blog for customer relation reasons. Online businesses almost always have blogs.

6. People blog for money, using advertising that is related to their topic to monetize their blog.

A popular way of monetizing a blog is to use the Google AdSense program.

Again, people blog for numerous reasons. Maybe it’s just something to do. Maybe it is done for very important reasons, or even for financial gain.

Whatever the reason it really doesn’t matter too much. If you feel like you have something to say, or just want to keep a personal online journal, you can start a blog of your own in a matter of minutes at no cost even if you don’t have any technical skills at all.

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