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Description: The Physical Map of Albania showing geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Albania Facts and Country Information...

Albania or the Republic of Albania is a country located in South-eastern Europe. The Country is bordered by Montenegro on the northwest, Kosovo on the northeast, Macedonia on the east and Greece on the South. The western coasts are watered by the Adriatic Sea whereas the Ionian Sea waters the southwest coast. The country is spread over 28,748 square kilometres of land. The 39 and 43 degrees north latitudes along with the 19 and 21 degrees east longitude contain the whole country.

The country’s terrain is dominated by mountains which make most of it inaccessible from the outer side. Korab is the highest peak in the country, measuring up at 2764 meters it is located in a district called Diber. There are many mountain ranges in the country, some of the important ones are: North Albanian Alps, Korab Mounts and Pindus Mounts.

The Balkan Peninsula has many lakes and the largest and deepest ones are located in this very country. Coming in at number one is Lake Shkoder which measures to be at least 370 square kilometres across the surface. Ohrid Lake is the deepest lake and measures in at 289 meters which is also located in Albania.

Political Map of Albania
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