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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Albania with roads from cities to towns, road intersections to regions, provinces, prefectures with routes leading to neighboring countries.

Albania Facts and Country Information...

Albania has good roads that run from the South to the Northern part of the country, comprising of major roads with A1, A2, A3 motorway roads and state roads.

All roads are maintained and runned by Albanian Road Authority (Autoriteti Rrugor Shqiptar, former Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Rrugëve). SH1 - E762 Road connecting the following towns and cities such as Koplik in the North West, Shkodër, Lezhë, Milot, up to Vorë) passing through Lake Scutari and River Drin respectively.

SH2 - This road connects Vorë (a city with 2 state roads intersections) with Shijak to the port town of Durrës, crossing through River Ezren in Shijak. SH3 - E852 Starts from Votrë city with airport to the major town of Tirane (Tirana), goes all the way to Elbassan , Librazhd, Përrenjas right to the border with Albania and Macedonia on the East. SH4 - The longest state road and highway connecting Durrës with Kavajë, extending up to Rrogozhinë, Lushnjë, Fier, Patos, Ballsh, all the way to the southern cities such as Qesarat, Memaliaj, Tepelenë, Gjirokastër and Jorgucat right to the border in the East.

SH5 - Shkodër (with numerous road intersection) extends to Pukë, Fushe-Arrez, Kukës and Morinë near the border town and mountain Koritnik. SH6 - Milot to Bulqizë and up to Peshkopi. SH7 - A road from Rrogozhinë to Elbasan area. SH8 - A state high running from Fier passing Vlorë downwards to Sarandë. SH9 - Qafë Thanë and to Kjafasan. SH52 - Highway from Vorë to Fushë and runs down to Krujë. SH75 - Roads connecting the following cities and towns as follows - Korçë, Ersekë, Përmet, Këlcyrë and Tepelenë.

The 3 official Albanian motorway are as follows: A1 Motorway from Milot to Rrëshen and ends up in Kalimash. A2 Motorway connecting the following towns and cities Fier and Vlorë). A3 Motorway extend from Tirana all the way to Elbasan

Political Map of Albania
Physical map and map image of Albania.

Physical Map of Albania
Physical map and map image of Albania.

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