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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Greece with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections to provinces and perfectures.

Greece Facts and Country Information...

Greece has numerous highways and motorways connecting cities, towns and villages.

The most important and one of the busiest motorway is the A1 (PAThE motorway) road connecting 2 largest Greek cities from Athens to Thessaloniki in the North.

This Road also connects or pass through the following cities Pireaus to Athens then to Lamia to Larissa to Thessaloniki ending at Evzonoi border with Republic of Macedonia.

A2 (Egnatia Odos) is a motorway 2 (A2) passing through several Greek cities in the Nothern part of Greece. Autokinetodromos A2 from Ioannina - Metsovo - Grevena - Siatista - Kozani - Veria - Axios - Thessaloniki - Langadas – Kavala – Xanthi – Komotini – Alexandroupoli and ending at Kipoi (Turkish border).

A3 or Central Greece Motorway is still under construction this road start from Panagia to Kalambaka then to Trikala proceeds to Karditsa and ends in Lamia. Motorway 5 (A5) or called Ionia Odos starts from Ioannina - Filippiada - Arta - Amfilochia - Kouvaras - Agrinio - Aitoliko - Mesolongi - Rio–Antirrio bridge and ends in Rio.

A6 (Attiki Odos) a modern road built few years to Athens Olympic Games, connects to western and eastern Athens, and to Koropi proceeding to Athens International Airport. Eleusis - Metamorfosi - Glyka Nera - Koropi.

Motorway 7 (A7), Moreas Motorway or Eastern Peloponnese Motorway is a motorway that starts from town of Corinth - Kalamata - Tripoli .

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