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12 Outstanding Tips You Can Use to Find a Perfect Home Remodeling Contractor

Tips You Can Use to Find a Perfect Home Remodeling Contractor

Sometimes, you notice that certain things in your houses are outdated. You will need them remodeled so as to look new again.

This is where you have the need for selecting a perfect home remodeling contractor.

Getting a reliable remodeling contractor should not really be pressure. You can use an individual contractor or company.

However, the most important thing is to search for more information before making a commitment.

The recommendations in this post will help you select an ideal home remodeling contractor. Keep reading to find out what you ought to do.

  1. Clearly identify the project
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You should know exactly what you want to remodel before talking to a contractor.

Therefore, the complexity of the project determines whether you will hire a remodeling company, specialist contractor, or a general contractor.

Someone may need to remodel just the exterior part of the building. On the other hand, another person may wish to renew just the interior.

Whatever be the project you need a contractor for, you have to define it clearly. This will help you know exactly the kind of contractor you need.

Certainly, this idea also helps you to know the exact materials to procure. One mistake people make most times is using one contractor for a variety of remodeling projects.

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An oculist cannot be consulted for a cardiac problem; likewise a home interior contractor for a roofing project.

So, you should know what you want, know the needed things and get an accurate estimate before reaching out for a contractor.

  1. Make proper research

The best way to learn about a contractor or a company is through proper research. In this way, you will have a clear overview of the company.

You ought to do company research prior to using them for any project. Be it interior or exterior remodeling, research is very essential.

Check out for trusted sites that post companies’ reviews and ratings. Also, very the kind of reputation the contractor has on the internet.

Similarly, check very well to see what experiences people have with them. Check the following questions from ratings and reviews.

Do they impress people negatively or positive? Do people seem to have similar experiences all the time? Are those experiences good or bad?

Knowing all these will assure you of the company or individual contractor you are planning to use.

  1. Ask questions

It is important to ask people for references and suggestions. Ask homeowners you know who have renovated their buildings.

You can as well ask friends, co-workers, and neighbors who have used such contractors for their projects.

People who have used the contractors have better knowledge about them. Certainly, they will be happy to share their experiences, if they are pleased or not with the projects.

So, asking them questions will help you know if the projects ended well actually.

Get the opinion of contractors from people who have carried out a similar project. You can be deformed, it only you are not informed.

  1. Check contractor’s record and reputation

Ensure that the contractor you are planning to choose has good record and reputation. You will never get disappointed using a company that has good track of records.

Checking reputation will open up some secrets about the company. You will be made to know the quality of their work, their service functions and how they treat clients.

Additionally, you will get to know if the contractor works holistically through their reputation.

  1. Ensure that the contractor is licensed

If you are using a contractor either by reference or otherwise, you have to make sure that the person is licensed for the job.

Not all remodeling contractors you see are licensed for residential jobs. So, prior to choosing one for your home remodeling, make certain that he or she is licensed.

The contractor’s license is an indicator that the person is qualified to handle the project.

Using a licensed contractor has certain advantages. You will also benefit from the state’s available funds for dispute resolution and compensation of homeowners.

Similarly, some states require that contractors ought to be licensed. If it’s under the law of the state for contractors to be licensed, be sure that the contractor is licensed with genuine and current particulars.

  1. Find out how long they have existed

You should also find out how long the contractor has been in the business. This is important to avoid the risk of having contractors disappear with your money.

Factually, a contractor with an established reputation and long-term history cannot abscond leaving your project incomplete.

To avoid the risk of having dissatisfied or incomplete project and the stress recouping your money, very that contractor has a long-term history of verified reviews.

  1. Examine the contractor’s past jobs

You also need to take a look at the contractor’s past job. If you are using a contractor who has worked for your colleague, ask for pictures of the works.

Similarly, the internet has provided a useful tool where homeowners can view contractors’ photo galleries on their websites.

When you must have viewed the works and like what you saw, you can request exactly the same.

  1. Make it a written agreement

Any agreement or discussion with a contractor has to be put in writing. Before signing any contract, ask for a written agreement.

Let every bit of the contracts be concise and clearly stated on a paper. Write down the cost of the project, whom to handle it, what is needed, when to start and other things.

Normally, there should be a rough estimate for the starting and completion date, write it down also.

Other important things to put in writing are the contractor’s personal details such as name, address and license number as the case may be. Other things alike should also be noted in a paper.

Should any event of dispute arise during the course of the project, the agreement you have written down will defend you.

  1. Know if Contractor will outsource your job to a subcontractor

Ask your contractor if he or she will be using a subcontractor for your project. If your project will be outsourced to a subcontractor, make sure that all requirements are met.

For instance, if your state requires insurance coverage or other permits, the subcontractors must have all it requires to go on with your project.

Some remodelers, builders and renovation companies of most states do have a national association. Find out more about the subcontractors through the association.

  1. Know exactly the amount the project requires

While negotiating with the contractor based on financing, you ought to be specific. Let the contractor tell you exactly what the project will cost you.

It is essential to know what a contractor requires. When you know how much is involved in your project to be executed, you won’t be surcharged.

Be clear about the exact amount you should be spending on the project. Also, get it in writing for reference purposes.

  1. Don’t pay more than 10% of the cost before the work starts

Be careful about contractors that will ask you to pay in full before the project starts. The payment schedule should be discussed after the contract has been agreed on.

Even if the contract requires expensive materials, you don’t have to pay more than 10% or 15 % of what it requires.

At least, 15% can be paid if expensive products are needed for a start. Otherwise, pay 10% after negotiation and the final payment when the work must have been completed.

Some contractors may use your money on someone else’s project if you pay more initially.

  1. Ask for a guarantee for a fair share of unexpected

Unexpected should always be expected in contracts like remodeling. For this reason, you should ask for what could happen if an unexpected occurs.

You should know how your contractor handles the issue prior to starting the project. Let it be another important phase of agreement signed between you both.

As a homeowner, you would always want the job to be completed to your satisfaction. However, the reverse may be the case sometimes.

Certainly, the contractors are responsible for the quality of products and the services. If eventually, any issue comes up along the way, how will it be handled?

Always ask for what-ifs. Also, make sure you are guaranteed a fair share if unexpected happens.


Now, at this point, you have a better knowledge of your remodeling project. Consider the advice you’ve studied here.

You can get started by choosing a better and reliable home remodeling contractor or company.  These useful suggestions will help you achieve exactly what you planned.

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