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7 Effective Flat Belly Fitness Formulas You Should Apply

Effective Flat Belly Fitness Formulas You Should Apply

These effective flat belly formulas are great to apply.  Especially to people that have a busy schedule that cannot spend much time at the gym center.

There are numerous abs workouts you may have tried. These tips will help you to choose more effective abdominal workouts that will directly train your upper body.

It is advisable to also pair these effective abs exercises with a healthy diet plan. Try and squeeze these right moves into your daily schedule at least 10-15 minutes of your time.

You can perform this workout immediately your wakeup in the morning.

  1. Kneeling Plank

Knee plank is an effective abs and oblique workout that trains the hip flexors and glutes. You can practice this by;

  • Lowering your body to the ground.
  • Facing downwards, squeeze your legs together and your two hands in front at your head side.
  • Pull your upper body above the ground, your hands is not included only your core.
  • Tighten your back muscles and stake your upper body with your forearm.
  • Place your feet, knees and shins steady on the ground.
  • Hold your core with your forearm and your hips with knees to avoid dropping down.
  • You can hold on for some minutes and slowly release your forearms and knees to the normal position
  1. Plank with feet on the Swiss ball

Plank with feet on the Swiss ball is a strength exercise that works on abs, arms and back muscles. It can help you to develop a strong core that turns to give you a flat belly.

You can perform this practice by;

  • Placing your both elbow on the floor with your feet on the Swiss ball, do not sag your hips.
  • Form a straight line from your hips to the shoulder,
  • Try and raise your hips to achieve this.
  • Tighten your glutes and abs,
  • Push your forearms and elbow in the floor.
  • Maintain the position for 5-10 minutes; repeat the exercise after a brief rest.
  1. Side plank lift

Side plank lift does not require any equipment to practice. It’s also one of the effective belly workouts that train many muscles like lower back, triceps, obliques, glutes, delts and hips.

You can do side plank lift by;

  • Lying on your side,
  • Bring your feet together,
  • Try and stake the body on your bottom elbow and side of your foot.
  • Lift your hips up to form a straight line between your shoulder, hips, and ankles.
  • Tighten your glutes and brace your abs.
  • Support your weight with your bottom elbow and your side foot,
  • Gradually lower your hips and bring it up,
  • You should move your hips up and down, to help brace your abs.
  • Maintain the straight line from your ankle hips and shoulder as you move,
  • Repeat this as many times as you can.
  1. Plank with arms on swiss ball

This plank exercise is similar to the other plank with a Swiss ball above. But this time, your both forearms are placed in the Swiss ball instead of your both feet.

When you want to lose belly fat, it’s important to practice those workouts that make you brace your abs.

Planking with your both arms on Swiss Ball is a strength exercise that trains the entire abdominal.

This workout will definitely train your lower back and improve your hips stability. Practice this with;

  • Your forearm on the Swiss ball on the ground on a plank position
  • Place your feet and shins on the floor.
  • Form a straight line from your ankle to your shoulder.
  • Maintain this position, don’t allow your hips to sag or your body sway to one side
  • Hold on for some minutes and return back to the normal position.
  1. Straight-arm plank

Straight arm plank is a core exercise that trains the abdominal region with other muscles like pectorals, delts, and triceps. You don’t need any equipment to perform this workout.

  • Place your two hands under your shoulder directly to the ground
  • Lay your body into a plank position; you can achieve this by elevating your body weight with your hands and your toes.
  • Make sure that your hands are placed directly under your shoulder, look forward, and brace abdominal region
  • Maintain this position as long as you can, and it’s more effective to the abdominal region when you hold on a straight line from your heels to your head.
  1. V-Ups

V-up is one of the effective core workouts when you practice these exercises. It enables you to lift the weight of both feet and your arms. This move is to improve your abdomen region and your entire core strength.

You can practice v-up by

  • Lying on your back,
  • Keep your hands straight behind your head,
  • Bring your feet together.
  • Your legs have to be straight on the ground. Pull them up as you simultaneously lift your upper body off the floor.
  • Tighten your core until your hand touches your toes.
  • Gradually return to the starting position to repeat as many as you can.
  • V-ups are very effective in reducing the belly fat because as you lift your arms and feet to balance them on the air, at the same time, you’re directly working on your abs.

It requires your entire abdomen region to stay active. V-ups will not only train your abdominal region it will as well improve good posture and spine.

  1. Kettlebell squat

Kettlebell squat is a strength workout that involves many muscles like delts, biceps, quads, and glutes.

It will help you to lose body fat even to the extent of causing after-burn. This means that your body will keep burning calories even as you have stop workout.

You can practice kettlebell squat by;

  • Holding on the handle with both hands.
  • Bring then close to your chest.
  • Stand upright and bend your hips as if you want to sit down into a squat position until your hips drop below your thighs and knees.
  • Drive your hips upwards to return to start position.
  • Keep your chest lifted. As you do this, don’t allow your knees to cave inward repeat as many times as possible.


Belly fat is not good evidence of healthy living; it’s linked with the risk of some diseases. Stomach fat is one of the harmful fat depositions in the body.

You have to pair a healthy diet plan with an effective workout; avoid alcohol to have a flat tummy. Getting a flat belly requires you to keep fit. By keeping fit, you become stronger and less risk of health challenges.

To shed belly fat you have to start with the effective abs workout. Other right moves are watching what you eat and following these tips narrated here to create a lean waist.

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