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A New Home Décor For The Special Occasion On Thanksgiving!

Give it an elegant touch

There’s no need to change a whole lot. You don’t have to alter everything from the furniture to the paints on the walls.

You can add a simple touch of elegance by blending a natural outlook with your home decor.

Thanksgiving is associated with harvest, and the great yield is deeply embedded in nature. Though today the modern way of celebrating is more urban, turkey still remains the traditional cuisine and you don’t dine without turkey, at least on this day.

To add another aspect while staying in the traditional category, you can revive the spirit of Thanksgiving by decorating your house with natural elements, like plants, shrubs, and flowers.

Natural finish to the earthen vase

Place an earthen vase at the right end of your dining space. If there is a window in that space, the addition will look superb.

Yellow ochre curtains and the earthen vase will balance each other, and everything will get a real natural tinge if you add to it some seasonal twigs with colorful leaves. Green and brown make the best combination.

Door hangings with grapevines

Grapevines can be given a different shape and can be hung in place of a curtain at your entrance gate.

You can use those turns and twists and make wreaths from them. In between, to give a bead-like impression, add some natural berries and fern leaves.

When hanging grapevines from the door; instead of a round or oval shape, keep it straight. Three to four such grapevine wreaths will completely change the conception of your home décor.

Small and lovely: Coasters made of leaves

You can make these leafy coasters not only to serve your guests but also to give as gifts to your guests.

Oak leaves in the autumn season are perfect to make coasters because they are hard and more resilient.

You can trim the leaf in the shape you like and place them on the table or any other furniture before you serve tea and coffee.

Attractive centerpieces for the drawing room

Make it unconventional. Take a porcelain or wooden bowl, instead of a flower vase, and decorate it inside and outside.

All the fruits that are special to the Thanksgiving season like apples, pomegranates, grapes, and different types of nuts can be arranged in different shapes inside the bowl.

To garnish it more, you can add some leaves in between. Set up this whole arrangement on the actual day of Thanksgiving so everything will remain fresh and so that the fruits can be later distributed among the guests. Just see that your child doesn’t spoil the setup!

Wall hangings for the main hall

Don’t just spend money to buy a wall hanging. Walk through your garden for a couple of days before Thanksgiving, and you will find everything you need to shape a beautiful wall hanging for the hall.

Some twigs from ferns, maple leaves, and dried flowers will do. Take a hard mount board and glue the leaves and flowers on it.

At the center, you can fix a photograph of an original turkey. Or, use a cartoon turkey, which will add a spirit of humor to the festivities.

Tone it with patches of color, perhaps acrylic paints or dry pastels, and place it on the wall. Of course, this wall hanging cannot be fixed forever because all these natural pieces will wither with time.

And, next year you can again prepare some new and different things to enhance your home décor. So where is the problem?

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