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Are You Selecting The Right Table?

Do you and your friends often have a poker game at your place? Then the thought of having your own poker table must have crossed your mind.

This guide would help you out with the basics of a poker table and provide you with the relevant information for you to choose the right kind of poker table for you.

Mind you, the choices are numerous; so do a bit of research before you decide on one particular table.

The options you have

Table tops

These are the most economic of the choices you have and are actually not poker tables but just the surface of it which can be fitted to your dining table.

Most of the typical poker features are available in the table tops like the green felt and cup holders.

With its portable nature and low costs (50-200), this is one great way to add ambiance to your poker game.

Folding tables

These are more like regular poker tables but can be folded and  put aside when not in use. With all the regular features of a normal poker table these are great if you have not much spare space.

They are relatively inexpensive also (200-500). You can also go for octagonal or elliptical poker tables that can easily accommodate eight to ten players.

Convertible tables

With rotating tops you can use these tables as your dining table while you have your meals and can just turn it to a poker table when your buddies drop in for a game.

Much sturdier than the folding ones they are not portable and are used as a permanent piece of furniture. Although a bit on the expensive side (500) they are really good value for your money.

Casino tables

If you are ready to spend something to the tune of 1000 then you can buy yourself one of the authentic poker tables that you find in casinos.

They come with all the best features and can make your home the hot spot in your neighborhood for poker nights.

Make your own

If you are good with your tools you can make yourself your own table and you would be able to get tables made close to the quality of casino tables at only a fraction of the cost (around 200).

What suits you best?

The choice of the table depends on your needs and priorities. If you are not in a position to invest a lot of money or table on the table then table tops can be a solution.

But you have to remember that although it is portable if the top doesn’t fit snugly on to your table then the experience of playing isn’t all that great.

Folding tables are best for starters. If you are not too sure about continuing to play it is wise to invest on a folding table. You don’t have to block your floor area , its relatively inexpensive, and it generally is good enough for getting started. 

You should opt for convertible tables if you are more interested on the functionality of the table and have some space to spare.

Such tables can easily blend with your room décor and you also have the option of literally turning it into a poker table with a minimum of fuss. 

A casino table should be invested only if you are a serious player and you often have poker nights at your place.

If you don’t have the money but your passion for the game is less than no one then you should build yourself one. There are a lot of websites that will coach you how to make yourself one. 

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