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Beauty Tips In Applying Cosmetics

The application of cosmetics should bring out your natural beauty and not make you garish.  There are some women who overdo the application of their cosmetics, and instead of making them look like the beautiful girls that they are, it gives them the opposite effect. 

Who wants to go to someplace thinking that she is a beautiful woman when all that people see is a woman wearing a clown’s makeup?  Sad, isn’t it?  So, here are some beauty tips to help you look glamorous and not horrendous.

Beauty Tips for the Eyes and the Lips

Make sure that the color for your eye shadow is the same shade as your lip color.  Can you imagine a green eye shadow with very red lipstick?  Is it not much better to have a bronze shade for the eye shadow and a slightly brown-and-gold tinged lipstick?

Washing your face sometimes does not remove all those mascaras from your eyelashes.  Do remove them gently, soak a Q-Tip in a mascara remover, and gently run the Q-Tip over your eyelashes.

Beauty Tips for Cologne and Perfume Application

Do not overdo spraying yourself with fragrance.  You should smell seductive, not overpowering.  Also, it is much better that your cologne has the same fragrance as your body lotion. 

There are matching fragrances for shower gels, lotions, and colognes in the market today.  That is better than mixing a lilac-scented lotion with a vanilla-scented perfume. 

Go for the same scent because it will give you a lasting effect, and people around you will appreciate it instead of that mixed fragrances.

Beauty Tips for Applying a Blush

For the application of blush, you have to smile broadly until the apple of your cheeks shows.  Apply the blush lightly on the apples, but make sure not to overdo it, or you will look like a doll with those red circles painted on their cheeks.  Make it seem natural and fresh.

Beauty Tips for Buying a Foundation

You do not want to smear the foundation all over your face in the beauty supply store.  Instead of applying the foundation on your face, apply it on your neck or inner arm as the skin tone in these areas closely matches that of your face skin tone.

Just remember, make your makeup light to showcase your natural beauty and be confident in yourself.  A beautiful woman is a simple woman who knows she is beautiful inside and out.

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