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Disturbing Dandruff: How To Cope Up With The Problem?

It was awful! Everyone in my family constantly kept on scratching their head. You know why? No, no, it was not lice cultivation in the hair bed. Rather dandruff, layer after layer deposited on the scalp.

My seven year old son warned me that if there was no solution he would rather cut off his hair at the roots.

I felt sorry for my darling husband. He had an office and did all the other formal stuff, so he knew very well that he couldn’t be able to help himself out in this way.

And where do I take refuge from this disturbing dandruff?

I was losing hair like you wouldn’t believe and my long plats were finally reduced to a thin ponytail.

Alas, I could do nothing except for cutting my hair in a mushroom style haircut. But the problem of dandruff remained as it was.

Dandruff has nothing to do with the length of your hair, though it will affect in the form of inhibited growth of hair and its loss.

What is dandruff?

This must be answered first to combat with the problem. Or else what happens you try different oils, shampoos and hair cleaning therapies without hitting the right stroke.

If the cause is not known, how will you proceed to find out a measure for healing it?

You know your scalp is made up of skin and that consists of cells which die their own death and again they are born, if there is a constant premature death of the cells they slowly accumulate in that section and activates bacterial actions on them which lead to further spread.

As the cells die they don’t form dandruff then and there. A breeding ground for further action and reaction is prepared on your scalp and then the pigmented form which comes out in tiny bits of flakes mostly white in color fall out when you brush your hair or scratch your head.

Treatment of dandruff has really no permanent solution. It is more like a seasonal disorder that comes and goes.

What you can at the most is have control over it before the condition takes a disgusting shape.

But mind you that if things don’t seem to be under control even after you apply authentic solutions, immediately go and get the help from a dermatologist.

At least the reason of this problem if there is some other apart from the growth of dead cells can be soon brought into notice and necessary protective measures can be prescribed thereafter.

Control of dandruff first requires a check on the bacterial action. Wash your hair regularly and keep it clean.

But only use medicated shampoos exclusively recommended for dandruff should be used at a regular interval, say twice or thrice in a week.

Don’t allow your hair to gather dirt and dust and also moisture. Again this does not mean you will stop oiling your hair.

The common nutrients like vitamin A, B and E are a must for hair nourishment. Avoid using synthetic colors for fashion when you are disturbed by the constant itching sensation caused by the dandruffs.

See the problem of dandruff is both related to extra dryness and makes it more pathetic with the gathering of oiliness in the hair. Both situations have to be avoided in order to leave your hair dandruff free.

Instead of directly jumping into the market looking for a solution, I took everyone in my family to see a skin specialist.

When he confirmed that there was nothing to worry about and prescribes a medicated hair cleaner and also stated the routine of its use, half of my tension was over and another half was wiped out after getting the prominent effect of his stated solution.


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