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Becoming A Standup Comedian

So you think you’re funny? Funny enough to take your act to the stage and on the road?

Too many aspiring comedians assume that, just because they can keep their buddies in stitches every time they open their mouths, getting up on stage and sending a poker-faced audience into fits of laughter would be a piece of cake.

Regrettably, the ability to make your friends and family laugh does not necessarily translate to a hilarious stand-up act.

There is a world of difference between telling jokes to your buddies over beer at a downtown joint and delivering punch lines on stage to a roomful of strangers.

With the former, all you need is a couple of jokes and an ounce of bluster. With stand-up comedy, you need plenty of good material, excellent showmanship, impeccable comic timing, nerves of steel, quick wit, and a healthy dose of ego.

You also need to realize that it might take years of bad gigs, unappreciative audiences, and flat jokes before you could earn a guest spot on the David Letterman show or have your own sitcom. Clearly, the life of a stand-up comic is not for the faint of heart.

Still think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Jerry Seinfeld or Ellen DeGeneres?

If the rigors of being a stand-up comedian do not dampen your desire to be one, you may already have the heart for it.

A burning passion to follow your heart and instincts is essential towards achieving success as a stand-up comedian.

Once you start to believe that making people laugh is your true calling, it becomes difficult to resist the pull of the stage.

But how do you go about turning your stand-up dreams into reality?

You can start by studying as much as you can about the craft, from different styles of stand-up comedy to microphone techniques.

There are comedy schools and coaches that can teach you the ropes of stand-up comedy, as well as eBooks that provides straightforward information and no-nonsense advice on making it as a stand-up comedian.

Before you can learn to do something, you must see first how its done by an expert or professional.

Watching stand-up comedians perform their routines will give you an overview of all the elements involved in an act.

There are several ways by which you can study stand-up comedians at work. You could catch live performances at comedy clubs or watch recordings of live stand-up performances on DVD.

You could also listen to sound recordings of live stand-up acts. Late-night talk show hosts open their shows by reciting comedy monologues that play out like mini stand-up routines.

Many talk show hosts used to be professional stand-up comedians, so tuning in to various late-night programs every night would be like being treated to a stand-up comedy sampler in your living room.

What do you hope to accomplish by watching the pros do their schtick?

For one thing, its a good way to learn about how to work the stage. You could pick up a few pointers on effective joke delivery, comic timing, and microphone techniques.

Also, you might be able to see how the pros deal with bombing (that’s when the jokes are getting few or no laughs) and hecklers in the audience.

In addition, studying the pros will introduce you to different styles of stand-up comedy. Acquainting yourself with different comedic styles could help you identify which style best suits your brand of comedy.

Covering topics ranging from writing your own material to finding coveted gigs, an amazing ebook will explain in detail what you should do and what to expect while seeking your rightful place in this tough business.

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