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Best Vitamin And Mineral Supplements For Hair Loss

Hair loss remedies can be very effective when using vitamin and mineral supplements as natural hair care treatments, however, it is important to take these using certain precautions and in correct doses.

Many of the hair loss remedies on the market today require daily doses that have to be taken for life.

These industrial remedies can be expensive and most come with side effects, which outweigh the benefits.

The first step to take is to have your hair loss correctly diagnosed, for if you have passed a certain age group your baldness is probably due to the natural male pattern baldness.

If you are younger, you can have your testosterone levels checked to see if they may be at the root of your hair loss.

If the hair follicles are still alive and functioning then it may be worth trying out some vitamin and mineral supplements for hair loss to curb or stop your hair falling out.

You may be lacking in a particular vitamin or mineral which is causing the problem, although a natural and healthy diet should provide the necessary nutrients.

The consumption of raw foods including fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds should provide plenty of nutrients for healthy hair.

If you still have a hair loss problem once you have got your diet well-balanced then you can opt for vitamin and mineral supplements to give your system a boost.

However, the quality and quantity of these hair loss supplements must be carefully checked as cheaper products may actually be worse than not taking any at all.

Before purchasing any hair loss supplement you should seek advice from your hair loss doctor or naturopathic doctor, for certain supplements can be harmful if you are taking certain drugs or medications.

The most common ingredients used in hair loss treatments are amino acids, arginine, cysteine, lysine and tyrosine and a deficiency in arginine has been known to be the cause of hair loss.

Some of the most important minerals in the treatment of hair loss are copper, iron, silicon and zinc.

Minerals need to work together in balance, as too much of one mineral in some cases can cause an imbalance in another.

Copper can help stimulate hair growth, if a copper deficiency is present and is involved in the prevention and possibly treatment of hair loss. Too much copper can actually cause hair loss.

Iron deficiency may also be a cause of hair loss, although taking iron supplements is not a good idea unless you are suffering from an acute deficiency.

You can find iron naturally in food such as spinach, lentils, liver and other iron-rich food products.

Potassium and zinc deficiencies can also be a cause of hair loss, while silicon is known to stimulate hair growth and you can find it naturally in cucumbers and other foods.

Vitamin supplements that can help stimulate hair growth some forms of vitamin B3, which can be applied to the scalp, improving blood circulation to the scalp.

Vitamin B5 deficiency causes hair loss in animals but hasn’t been proven in humans. Vitamin C will also help hair growth by improving the circulation of blood to the scalp, while an excess of vitamin A can cause temporary and reversible hair loss.

Before starting any hair loss treatment or remedy to help stimulate the hair follicles and prevent further loss, make sure you consult with a doctor.

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