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Catch Up Romantic Movies To Ignite Your Passion

Marriage is not all about compromise, as the older generations try to make us believe. Compromise is a situation where one party always has the feel of getting cheated.

Marriage is more a relationship where we learn the joy of sharing of each other’s happiness as well as the sorrow. Then marriage is also like riding the roller coaster where you cannot avoid the inevitable ups and downs.

The secret behind a successful marriage is to work on relentlessly to keep the thing interesting and try to retain the romance in the relationship.

There are many ways to live a married life in the most romantic way and watching movies together is a time tested way of getting closer to each other.

For generations watching movies together by the couple remained the perfect means for creating a romantic ambience at home.

Think of those black and white Hollywood classics, where the hero and heroines romance in the old fashioned way or the 60s Hollywood energetic musicals packed with Marilyn Monroe’s sensuous beauty with the Sinatra classics as their backdrop.

Or why not the recent romantic freaks like Titanic or My Best Friend’s Wedding?  Be it black and white or all glossy and smart, you just cannot escape the appeal of romantic movies and cannot deny their power as a mood booster.

Is there anybody in the whole world, who can claim that he or she was never influenced by the scenes of romantic movies? The cinematic appeal is something that is bound to influence men, as through the visual imageries they directly penetrate your heart.

Movies can spark off the romance in a more effective way than anything else because it has an entertainment value of its own. Then movies can shed important insight into the various aspects of your own married life.

It is common for the couples to discuss between themselves about various aspects of the film and compare them with their own relationship.

The classics like It’s a Wonderful Life or The Four Seasons beautifully reflects the several ups and downs of married life as their main themes and speak of the marital commitments throughout the fair times as well as the hardships of life.

The old family dramas also depict the value of forgiveness and sacrifice and watching these movies together will definitely help the young couples to rediscover each other in a different light.

Overall in these movies, you will find the importance of relationship and that will help you to get into a romantic mood.

Not only marriage oriented movies, some of the Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Owen Wilson Jim Carrey School of hilarious comedies will help you to laugh out together and as you know, nothing can heal the wounds better than a hearty and cheery laugh.

Helping in releasing enough endorphin it will bring you out of marital stress and inspire both of you to bond into a more romantic relationship. And we all know that a relaxed and happy mood is the perfect foundation of a romantic relationship.

Now, settling down for watching a movie together is an effort indeed on itself, as husbands and wives seem to be in eternal disagreement regarding the selection of movies.

While he wants to watch actions or overtly sensuous movies, her all-time favorites are romantic comedies and age-old tear, jerkers.

Now if you want to get some entertainment by watching movies together, then you have to keep aside your respective ego and come to a common consensus. A great way to get a head start is to collect a DVD on the basis of the counter boys’ advice.

Take home more than one film at a time so that if one of you gets bored with one, then you can switch to another. Thus through trial and error method, you will start to respect each other’s preferences and someday in your amazement, you will discover yourself being entertained by such movies you never imagined you would ever watch.

However, romantic movies are ideal to be shared with each other. And to start with romantic genres of the movies, do not miss out on this one, Roman Holiday, Casablanca, love Story, Happy together, Too Young to Die, Pretty Woman, Titanic, and more recent Ghost.

The eternal power of love is the consistent message of all these movies, watching them together will definitely prove to be a remarkably fulfilling experience for both of you.

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