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Catch Up With The Trendy Style For Home Décor

When it comes to the decoration of your interior, most people want to combine the classic and contemporary. As such, homeowners are always in the lookout for what is trendy and what is stylish in the field of furnishing and designs.

Here are some clues to help you do up your home in a way that it looks up-to-date, still speaks of your own personal style.

Influence of nature

To begin with, the latest trends in home décor try to establish a connection with nature. This is an attempt to neutralize the overwhelming effects of technology in our daily lives. As such simple and understated strokes are emphasized to create a customized look.

On the other hand, the use of such subtle details as trims and richly textured fibers are being used to add a hint of luxury. In general, the experimentations with soft colors and simple styles clearly reflect the motto of the designers: back to nature.

The choice of fabric

This triumph of nature over technology is also evident from the types of fabrics that are being used in vogue for the curtains, covers and upholsteries; brocade, silk and jacquards are the hottest fabric choices for the season for all types of drapes and covers.

The nature-inspired creations are also to be found in the floral prints on the fabrics. Nature is everywhere; the trendy motifs and colors hugely borrow from nature and the organic qualities of the fabrics are especially being appreciated.

Apart from the lavish use of silks, such light materials with diaphanous quality as chenilles and cashmere and flimsy cotton have also hit the market in a big way. For more plush statement, you can consider the use of velvet or satin materials.

The past few year’s preferences for ethnic elements in textiles and motifs still continue. But the buzz word definitely is: connect with nature.

Color trends

A particular preference towards natural soft tones has been observed in the leading home decoration fairs all over the world. Peach in different shades is definitely going to be the show stopper for this season.

Other softer shades of orange came the close second. The blue in various types of aqua shades is also going to dominate the décor world over the coming few months.

The revival of patterns

The large patterns in the fabric are a welcome change for this season. The furniture are increasingly becoming sleek to render your home a cluster-free look.

This minimalist furnishing style is best completed by the bold patterns in the fabrics of drapes and upholsteries and also as a part of the architecture of the home itself.

But in the case of the pattern also you will surely come to find a floral influence instead of the graphic designs that have been a rage a few years ago.

To add weight and volume to your room décor, you can take the help of these patterns with larger than the life attitudes.

The use of wallpapers with huge floral prints or a mural with environmental graphics on the wall can add a unique personality to your home.

On the basis of the above-mentioned tips create an oasis right at your home. Invite the tranquility of nature into your house this season; imbibe the interior of your home with all the natures’ warmth and color; create the paradise indoor.

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