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Choose The Best Hair Color For You – Change Your Look Completely

Coloring the hair in different shades has taken the world by sweeps. Whether one is old or young, coloring the hair changes the entire appearance dramatically.

Often people color their hair first and then go for a series of clothes to match their hair color. With a change in hair color, you simply look a world different from your present looks.

So, if you want to give that different touch to yourself then quickly go for a hair color change to get the best results.

Hair color looks best when it suits the complexion, matches exactly with your dresses, and looks perfect to your personality. Pale skins suit any type of hair color.

If you have pink skin then opt for ash tones to neutralize your complexion. A streak of deep red here and a golden there will change your look completely.

Avoid yellow, orange, and gold streaks for getting the perfect look. If you have short hair then avoid highlights and color it completely to impart a rich texture to your look.

Ways of coloring your hair

When you want to color your hair, you should know whether you want it permanently or for temporary uses. When you want permanent color, it should be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to lift hair color.

When you want semi-permanent or temporary color, you can either vary the tone within natural highlights or get darker streaks.

Tips to get the best hair color

To get the best hair color, you should know your skin tone and how the color will suit you. Here are some tips that will help you get the best hair color for yourself.

– If you have blonde skin complexion, then opt for virgin dark brown hair color.

–  If you have a very fair complexion and dashy personality then opt for rich red [brunette] hair color for the best.

– Colors like chocolate-brown, dark blonde and bronze shades of honey look good on natural toned complexions.

–  Black hair color looks simply awesome on people with olive skin types and darker complexions.

–  If you have gray hairs, then use any color of your choice ranging from blond, black, lavender, red, green, to different shades of brown to give a perfect look to yourself.

Your hair color can also depend upon the color of your eyes. If you have gray, brown, or blue eye color, then use shades like blond and black to look good.

Tips to get funky hair colors

If you want to be that special in an entire crowd or want to give a Halloween look to yourself, then the best way is to bleach your hair.

After bleaching, get the following hair colors for yourself to get the best effects:

-Get special effects hair color like electric blue or fluorescent colors of orange and green to look simply stunning.
-The punk hair colors are wonderful for they get washed away after the second shampoo. So you can change your hair color after a particular occasion is over.

Get the best hair color for giving a completely different and changed look to your own self.

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