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Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs can be a lot of fun to do with the whole family.  Not only will it be a good time, but also you will be spending quality time with your family and making memories at the same time.  For most people, coloring Easter eggs is a Holiday tradition. 

It is a part of the joyous Easter holiday.  The importance of coloring the eggs beautiful colors is right up there with the Easter bunny and the Easter ham.

There are a few different ways to color Easter eggs.  It just depends on how you want to do it.  You can buy different kits from the store to help you with all your decorating ideas. 

There are so many kits to choose from.  You can choose to do the Easter eggs one color or you can find the kits that have tie-dye creations or even ones that you can paint the colors on with a brush.  These are simple and have easy directions to help you through the process.

Another way to color your Easter eggs is with everyday food coloring.  You can do this by adding a few drops of food coloring to a cup with vinegar in the bottom. 

The food coloring and the vinegar will mix and you will be ready to dip your holiday eggs in for color.  This is easy and fast and there is little to no mess at all. 

There is a new way to decorate your Easter eggs and that is with stickers.  There are some kits that you can buy that are equipped with stickers, glitter, and beads. 

This can be a fun and creative project to do with the kids.  You will be surprised at the creations that your children come up with.  There are so many different ideas that you can come up with that will have your kids looking forward to the annual Easter tradition. 

After you have your Easter eggs colored, most kits have a special wax crayon that you can write different greetings or even the names of your family and friends on them. 

This is a special way to give someone a creative Easter treat.  You may even do a little design on the eggs with the crayon.  If you do not have a kit, you can go out and buy the wax crayon by itself. 

When you are all done with the coloring and the decorating of the eggs, you will need something to display the eggs on or in.  A lot of people love to put their Easter eggs in a beautiful Easter basket. 

This is a great way to let everyone see your great designs and fun decorations.  You can line the Easter basket with beautiful fabric or colored fake grass.  You can leave the basket out on the table or mantle for everyone to look at. 

It does not matter if you plan to dig into the newly colored Easter eggs, or if you want to leave them out and display them for everyone to admire, you will defiantly have a great time getting the eggs ready.  You will be making memories for you and your family. 

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