Craving Indian Food In London? Head To Amaya!


If you love Indian food and you are living in London or thinking about visiting the capital city of England, you can consider going to Amaya for Indian food.

Amaya is an Indian restaurant that has been established by the owners of the popular Veeraswamy and Chutney Mary.

This Indian restaurant concentrates on stylish Indian grills and the food is prepared by the chefs in a show kitchen where the customers will be able to see the chefs preparing the grills.

Amaya is a restaurant where you can have a great meal in a relaxing environment.

The restaurant is extremely popular among the food lovers and it has also won two prestigious awards: one for the Best New Restaurant and the other is the Tio Pepe ITV for the best restaurant in the year 2005.

No other non-European restaurant has been given either of these two awards so make sure you visit Amaya if you have never been here before, to find out why it is so popular.

As if these awards were not enough, Amaya was awarded a star in the Michelin Red Guide.

Amaya is an Indian restaurant that will make you lick your fingers at the time of having your meal.

Food is the first thing that draws foodies towards it and in addition to this, people also love the elegant and beautifully decorated restaurant.

If you want to taste the best kebabs in London, then you should head straight to Amaya. The restaurant has become so popular in the city that almost everyone who loves Indian food love, Amaya.

In fact, you will be surprised to learn that just within a few months of opening; Amaya has become a favorite of the Indian grill lovers!

Amaya has chic chandeliers, black leather seating great background music. During the day time, the restaurant is breezy and bright; all thanks to the large skylight.

If you want to have a meal with your family or friends, or you are looking for a place where you can treat your guests; look no further because Amaya has everything that you have ever been looking for!

A meal at Amaya would be a wonderful experience and trust me when I say that one time will not be enough when it comes to this restaurant.