Keys To Healthy Aging

Keys To Healthy Aging
Keys To Healthy Aging

You cannot stop the aging process. You can, however, make certain decisions that will help you stay healthy as you age.

Keep Moving

Keeping physically fit is probably the single most important thing you can do. Find an activity you enjoy and will do daily.

Walking, swimming, dancing are all activities that help keep you physically fit.

The idea is to raise your heart rate, which, if you do it correctly, will help keep your heart and lungs healthy while at the same time making your muscles stronger.

Eat Right

Choosing what you eat affects many aspects of your health. Following the correct diet is essential.

You need to get proper nutrition daily. Eat regular meals and try to avoid too many unhealthy snacks.

Do not skip meals as this tends to make your body weak and gives you a feeling of hunger, which results in overeating at the next meal or downing an unhealthy snack.

Eat a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables daily. Not only do they taste good, they also help you ward off heart disease and stroke.

Eating fruit and vegetables can also help you control high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Regular Testing

Visit your physician often. They can help access your health and keep you updated as to what tests you need and how often you need them, as well as monitor your medications and advise you as to the type of exercise that might be best for you.

It is crucial to know your blood pressure readings and cholesterol levels. Checking for blood in your stool can help your doctor find potential health risks early and give you a better chance of overcoming them.

A yearly physical exam after you reach age fifty is highly recommended by the medical institution.

Your doctor may want you to have an exam more often if your health problems warrant it.

Manage Stress

Stress is unavoidable. There is no way to totally eliminate it but you can learn to control it and not let it take over your life. Regular exercise and healthy eating can help you control stress.

Find positive things in your life and try to focus more on them. Deal with serious problems like the loss of a loved one. Do not keep it inside. Don’t let it control your life either.

Think about the good times you had with the departed loved one and it will bring a smile to your face. Talk to someone who might be able to help you through the loss.


Aging is unavoidable. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a bad thing. You can do some of the things we have talked about and keep yourself healthy and upbeat. Stare age in the face and conquer it.