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Decorating Your Kid’s Room

We all desire to provide our kids with just the right room, where not only can they enjoy themselves and have some privacy, but the room also reflects in some way the personality of the child. But this is not a simple objective to attain successfully.

And even though hiring an interior designer definitely provides a much simpler way out, but it is expensive to do so.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be a little imaginative, willing to work a bit and want to have some real fun, then doing up your kids room by yourself can be a great experience. 

Getting the theme right 

The first thing that you need to decide on is the theme of the room. If your kid is old enough then allow him a say in the theme he wants.

But you should also remember kids tastes change pretty quickly, so going for something very definite, like a room themed on particular cartoon character is not always the wisest thing to do.

In such a case, it would be better to make your kid understand how a more general theme can be made interesting and how it can be made to evolve, as he grows old.

So, it would make more sense to do up a room based on the theme of animals than perhaps Mickey Mouse.  

The color 

Again it is advisable to consult your kid before you settle on one color. It might happen that your choices don’t match.

In such an event, you can try and convince your kid to get only one wall painted in the color of his choice and the rest being painted in a complementary color that may be a bit softer than the one chosen by your kid. 

It is advisable that you opt for semi-gloss paint instead of flat paints, as there is always the risk of the walls getting soiled.

You can even think about using wallpapers instead of painting the room as they are much cheaper and so can be changed at lesser intervals.  

To make the walls come alive you can put up some bright posters on them. If you are ready to experiment more you can even paint a mural on one of the walls.  

The furniture 

This is where you need to spend some serious cash but if you get a bit imaginative you can do some amazing things without spending extravagantly.

Of course, you would need a bed. Make sure it’s comfortable and also goes well with the décor of the room.

It shouldn’t cramp up too much space. Also get your kid a personalized, cozy place, where he can just sit around and relax. 

The lighting 

Mood lighting is recommended for any kids room. As the intensity of light that your kid would require varies according to the various activities he performs during the course of a day, it helps if he gets the proper light for his every mood.  

The decorations 

While decorating the room keep in mind that finally it is your kids’ room and not yours. So it must reflect his personality and find out ways in which the room can be given a personalized feel.

Of course, you can put up engravings with your kids name on it. Or you can just do up a collage of your kids’ pictures and hang it from a wall. 

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