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Best Hours To Trick-Or-Treating

If you took a survey of one thousand youngsters, you would probably find that a great majority of them favor trick-or-treating as their ultimate Halloween activity.

Going from one door to the next in search of candy is often the highlight of youth. At the end of the night, even mildly successful candy harvesters go home with plastic bags brimming with candy.

However, due to safety concerns and other factors, there are different times that are most conducive to trick-or-treating.

When you are determining a good trick-or-treating time for your child, you should be aware of a few things.

The first is the safety factor. Generally speaking, the earlier in the day you go out the more people will likely be around.

When there are more people about, the chance of someone doing something untoward is less due to the fact that witnesses are abound.

However, if you go too early you might not have very much luck. It is best to find a happy medium so that your child’s candy-finding passion can be safely realized.

If Halloween falls on a weekday, you have to take it into consideration that most people work. The majority of the time, the working hour’s end at 5 pm.

Beginning your candy hunt at 5 pm is not advisable since it takes some time for people to get home from work.

You should probably wait until at least 6 pm before setting out on your night of sweet-stuff acquisition.

This time is great for those with younger kids especially. Of course, the areas in which you live can also influence what times are best for trick-or-treating.

If you live in a safe suburban area it is probably easier to stay out a bit later with your youngsters. However, if you are in a city there are other considerations you may need to make.

A good time to limit your trick-or-treat activities is before 10 pm. This is important to remember because many people have to work the next day.

Older kids, at least in their teens, can often stay out a bit later. In addition, many do not need parental supervision.

Older kids can really try anytime after 6 pm for some really good results. Of course, tell them not to bring any shaving cream or eggs this is a warning sign to any candy dispensers.

If Halloween falls on a weekend, it creates a whole new series of times. On the weekend you can trick-or-treat the entire day.

Most people will be home especially the ones with Halloween decorations on their windows and doors.

This is usually the best scenario for trick-or-treating since you can start in the early afternoon and continue your hunt through the evening.

This simple guide to trick-or-treat times is not a panacea for all trick-or-treat logistics. Many areas have their own patterns of candy hunting on Halloween.

Some communities even organize trick-or-treating schedules to minimize intrusion and maximize safety. Be sure to check with community organizers in your area before setting out on Halloween night!

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