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Designs And Styles! What You Wear For Thanksgiving

Prepare for a traditional outfit for the Thanksgiving celebration. You can mark the tradition in style if you can make clothes as the pilgrims wore on the first Thanksgiving.

Of course, you can create some new designs to incorporate in your outfit, but try to keep them as close to the original ones as possible.

The females attire: Long skirts with linen shirt

The women of the seventeenth century wore linen shirts on top and long petticoats for the lower body. The shirt was short-sleeved with a beautiful collar and mostly worn in an off-white color.

Decorative ribbons were tied along the collar. The front of the shirt was tightly buttoned.

Today’s women will also love to wear this type of designed shirt, but the cloth material can be different. It can be linen of very good quality and comes in bright colors, like red and blue.

The collars are better if hand-stitched, and satin ribbons can be put around the collars. You can use beads as buttons to give it an authentic look.

The lower garments women wore were long skirts or petticoats. The skirt was normally fastened around the waist and floated to the anklet.

The combination of the shirt and the skirt together made the complete gown. The lower part was mainly weaved from wool and came in natural colors to spin the harvest mood.

Brown and gray were quite common, and the reason why black was so popular is not known. Maybe black didn’t get dirty as easily. A waistcoat was a must on top of the gown.

Nowadays, such skirts can be made to look very fashionable with frills all around and the borderline stitched with fine lace.

From soothing colors to gaudy patches, these types of skirts can be bought from any garment showroom or boutique. If you want something uncommon, take your own design to the tailor and have the skirt made.

The traditional outfit for the males

Men normally wore shirts and breeches. This was a popular outfit for males on Thanksgiving Day. The shirts were made of linen of a contrasting length between the sleeves and the body.

The body of the shirt was long, but the sleeves were short. The shirt had a collar. The shirt was covered by a doublet, which was close-fitting, and the area around the shoulder was doubly padded.

The doublet was buttoned from top to the waist region. The lower breaches were made quite loose in a baggy style. Pants with buttons in the front were not full length.

They covered to the knee or just below the knee.  Long socks were worn. The dress material was mostly in natural colors, such as brown and green. For males, too, the black and white combination was predominant.

Guys, if you would like to wear this complete traditional attire, you would have to order it. Or, you can improvise things on your own, such as putting a stylish shirt on loose pants of the latest design.

Colors can be brighter if you choose. One important thing both of you must remember; whatever you put on, make sure it feels comfortable.

While keeping to the traditional profile, keep the smartness as well. You will be the center of attention at the Thanksgiving party, for sure.

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