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Different Styles Of Women’s Underwear Amongst Panties And Bras

There are so many types of women’s underwear both in lingerie stores and online, that at times it can be confusing and time-consuming to actually decide which ones you want to buy. It can be therefore useful to get to know the different types amongst which to choose from.     

Underwear can be divided into styles for comfort, sex appeal, play, and sports. The three common types of women’s underwear are panties, bras, and stocking or socks.


One style of panties, which is very popular and comfortable, is the Commando type. This kind of underwear is quite nice and comfortable due to its seamless laser cut, it comes both in a short style or longer one and it sits straight across the bottom.

It is actually quite sexy for it reveals just a little bit of bottom without being too obvious, it covers more than a thong, but at the same time it is more sensual.       

Then comes the regular brief in women’s panties, go for the more stretchy and seamless type for added comfort and more coverage. It has a full seat and you may choose between the low rise and a high rise, which will come all the way up to your natural waistline.


The girdle is another type of women’s underwear; these are panties suitable for those women who want to hide bulges.

The bikini panties are ideal for they provide both good support and sex appeal, while string bikini panties are best for slimmer women who want to look sexier and feel comfortable.


The thong type is also a trendy option and can be both stretchy and seamless. The thong comes with a skinny back, and although it may look uncomfortable to wear you will be surprised that it is quite the opposite.

The Hanky Panky style is the most popular thong type in women’s panties, it is made of stretch lace and it will stretch just as much as you want it to. The size is one size fits all and the lace fits smoothly and nicely across you.

The added advantage is that being very elastic and stretchy it will not cut into the skin of your waist, it is incredibly comfortable to wear and sexy with it.

The great benefit of wearing a Hanky Panky is that it does not ride up, it sits perfectly in place and you will not feel uncomfortable wearing it even all day long.


Then comes the g-string, this is a type of women’s underwear that does not have much material to it! This is what you should be looking for if you really want to look sexy and you also want to avoid panty lines.

Other women’s underwear includes bras and under tops.

They may provide full coverage for women who will fuller breasts or half-coverage for smaller breasted women who wish to show more cleavage, feel comfortable without too much support.

If you wear padded bras, these will make your bust look larger, while under-wire bras will push your breasts upwards making them look fuller and younger, though they are not extremely comfortable to wear.

More comfortable bras include sports bras providing good support, comfort, and flexibility for the more active women; wireless bras are ideal for women who are nursing; seamless bras which look great under clinging tops and racerback bras which give good support for more active women.

The sexier styles are strapless bras when you wish to wear tank tops or strapless evening dresses and bras with lace for a more sensual look; these come in all colors and with different lacing motifs.

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