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Different Types Of Blogs

There are as many different types of blogs as there are different types of people. There are also many different types of blog posts.

Only you can decide what type of blog you will have, and what type of blog entries you will make, and your decision will depend greatly on what the purpose of your blog is.

First, there are text blogs, which are just regular blogs. The majority of blogs are text blogs. There are also vlogs, which are video blogs, and photoblogs, which contain only photographs.

Moblogs are blogs that are written using mobile devices. Even though they are called moblogs, they are still text blogs.

A Podcast is a blog that is simply an audio recording of the blogger. Instead of typing the blog entry, they simply talk and make a recording, and then post the recording on their blog.

In recent times, a newer form of blogging has come onto the scene, and it isn’t actually called blogging.

It is called Social Networking. Social Networking sites, such as MySpace, are very popular among both teenagers and adults.

These sites are used to blog, but also to meet and communicate with new people in a unique way.

Social networking sites such as MySpace are used for greater self-expression because friends can contribute to your space and you can add more interactivity to the site.

Social Networking sites have become so popular that even businesses are starting to take notice and figure out how to make use of them.

While you can blog about any topic imaginable, there are specific types of blog genres. For instance, there are political blogs, celebrity gossip blogs, personal blogs, business blogs, collaborative blogs, project blogs, topical blogs, and even spam blogs.

Some specific types of blogs have different names. For instance, legal blogs are called blawgs and spam blogs are called splogs.

Blogs may be public, as business or corporate blogs are, or they may be private, such as blogs that used for personal journaling.

However, blogs that are used for personal journaling are sometimes made available to the public as well.

Blogs can be used internally or externally. Internal blogs are usually used in businesses, corporations, or organizations.

Blog posts may be informational, instructional, or inspirational. They may be rants, reviews, lists, interviews, case studies, problems, profiles, comparisons, research, predictions, critiques, debates, or even hypothetical in nature.

The beauty of blogs is that you can do an informational post one day, an instruction post on another day, and a list post on yet a later date. You don’t have to stick to just one type of blog post.

When it comes to blogging, the possibilities are endless. You are free to do whatever you want with your blog, and you don’t even have to do the same thing over and over again.

Your blog can be as standardized or as versatile as you choose and whatever you do is okay with the blogosphere community. The important thing is that you update your blog on a regular basis with fresh content.

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