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Do Men Love Cosmetic Surgery… Current Trends

Background of Men’s Cosmetic Surgery

There was a time not long ago, when masculinity was synonymous to unkempt look and a robust structure and any attempt at grooming the looks of the male were subject of much social ridicules.

However, society has progressed a lot from that point and looking good is no longer viewed as the sole propriety of girls alone.

The share of male products in cosmetics industry is a big proof of men’s growing consciousness of the importance of looking good.

In a society, where well groomed appearance is an important factor for a person’s social acceptability, appearance does matter in shaping a mans professional success.

This realization has led to tremendous popularity of cosmetic surgery among the twenty first century metro-sexual men who are no longer afraid to experiment with their looks.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a domain explored only by the Hollywood stars or those related with show businesses in any form.

The men from every strata of profession, from corporate to sports, join the club of those for whom cosmetic surgery translated dreams into reality.

It is often said, the men’s lives begin at forty. But in practical life, most of the men at this age group remain frustrated about the thinning hairline, protruding tummy, bags under eyes, frowning forehead or sagging skins in the neck.

Because at 40s and 50s the men are at their productive best, it is equally important that they look as dynamic in their appearance as they are in their performances.

These considerations have redefined the ways the male plastic surgery was viewed even a few years ago.

The Current Trends

The surveys show that cosmetic surgery is a crucial instrument in the hands of successful men to achieve the looks they want their mirrors to reflect and they use this enhanced look for creating new images or retaining the same enterprising images despite aging.

The net result of all these changing perceptions is a 32 per cent increase in the men’s Cosmetic surgery within one year alone in the USA.

The current trends reveal that the Botox anti-wrinkle injection treatments are most popular in the men’s cosmetic correction segment with a recorded case of 8.7 million taking resort to the treatment till last year.

According to another estimate by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, after 2002, surgical cosmetic procedures among men grew by 5 per cent.

The surge of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures was however, 41 per cent during the same period.

Another interesting statistics in this respect shows that in the USA, 20 per cent of laser hair removal, 14 per cent of Botox injections, 15 per cent of all liposuction and eyelid surgeries, and 24 per cent of Rhinoplasty have been performed on men.

The types of Masculine Cosmetic Surgery

An ideal male body is supposed be what depicted by Michelangelos famous sculpture, which is robust, broad shoulder and chest, but a narrow waist and tucked in abdomen, with long and muscular legs. 

But with age, men start to lose the shape of their bodies which cause lack of confidence in many men.

To deal with these problems of aging and to retain the youthful look, the modern men are increasingly leaning towards various kinds of plastic surgeries.

The trendiest cosmetic corrections preferred by modern men are as follows:

Facelifts to increase the masculine appeal, Eyelid surgery and Nose reshaping for improving the looks, Buttock enhancements and Hair transplantation are so far the most popular plastic surgery opted by men.

Then cosmetic surgery is increasingly being viewed as a means to achieve extra pounds of muscles in the specific areas of body by the technique of calf and pectoral  implants.

The other types of male cosmetic surgeries include breast reduction or gynecomastia where male breast tissue can be removed by liposuction. 

Liposuction surgery is also used to reduce bulging love-handles, tummy, or unbecoming fatty deposits in the other parts of the body.

Then there are hair removal treatments to remove or reduce hairs on chest or back through laser. 

Phalloplasty is another type of masculine cosmetic surgery used for penis enhancement.

The “sculpting” techniques with cosmetic implants are used by many famous plastic surgeons to improve muscle contours.

Then abdominal etching has emerged as the latest technique for creating a muscular and flat appearance in the abdominal area.

Like many other myths relating to the duties of men, men often wrongly assume that it is unmanly conduct to remain bed-ridden for too long or to be cared by the others.

So, they refuse to accept the fact of pains and refuse to take necessary rests. But it only delays the healing process.

So, it is always advisable that you arrange for someone who can look after you in the post operative period.

It only improves your speed of recovery and sooner you will be able to face the world in a more attractive appearance.



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