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Do You Know The Four-Letter Word Everyone Longs To Hear?

We live in an age wherein our daily utterances are often sprinkled with the choicest four-letter words, yet we rarely use the four-letter word everyone longs to hear – LOVE.

And, strangely enough, although everybody is seeking the holy grail of happiness, today we find that people feel insecure more than ever before.

What is the reason for this? Happiness stems from being loved and wanted, one of the basic psychological needs in each of us that demands fulfillment.

People are willing to go to any lengths to find love. Nations have gone to war, kings have abdicated their thrones, and star-crossed lovers have made suicide pacts – all for love.

On the other hand, murders are committed, people exhibit aggression, others withdraw into their shell, and some even take their own lives – all for a lack of love.

The world’s first murder was a result of Cain’s envy because he perceived that God loved his brother, Abel, more.

Marilyn Monroe had the world at her feet, with fame and fortune, but overdosed because she did not have the one thing she yearned for more than anything else – to be loved and cherished.

The search for this “sweet mystery of life” even leads young men and women to sell their souls and bodies for what they crave.

They know such love and attention will not endure, yet they let their hearts rule their minds, and their emotions conquer plain logic.

The word “love” maybe only four letters long, but it is the most powerful word in the world because it describes the awesome power residing in every human heart – emotion! But, it is a double-edged weapon.

It can spur on an individual to do heroic deeds on one hand, as well as cause death and destruction on the other.

Love is, therefore, the engine that drives people to accomplish the impossible. But this engine, like any other, requires a certain brand of fuel.

Frequent refueling with the “I LOVE YOU” brand of high octane fuel will keep this engine purring lovingly. And, the love will be returned in equal measure, because those that are loved find it easy to give love back.

Being loved, and knowing that they are loved, makes people confident, relaxed, and happy. Look around you.

If you see anybody “floating” along with a secret smile on their face and a tune on their lips, you are looking at someone that is loved – and knows it!

Recently, a well-known psychologist was working with a teenage boy who was having serious problems. As they talked, the boy was asked as to whether his parents loved him.

The teenager looked up sadly and said, “I don’t know, but if they do, they’ve never told me!”

Please don’t make the same mistake. To love without saying so is not enough. People need to be told that they are loved. Again, and again, and again!

It is cruel and thoughtless to leave our loved ones in doubt about our affection for them. It’s no use regretting later when they are no more there to hear you.

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