Thursday, January 19, 2023

Easter 2020

How are you going to spend your Easter for 2020?  There are so many different ways to spend your wonderful holiday.  You can choose to spend it the traditional way with your friends and family at a special gathering or you can spend it alone doing an activity that you love.

It does not matter what you do for your Easter 2020, as long as you remember what you are supposed to be celebrating, to begin with.

Easter is a time to celebrate the day that Christ was raised from the dead.  Easter will start the famous forty days before Easter Sunday.  There are other special days that include Ash Wednesday. 

This is the day that represents the beginning of lent.  This is when you fast and you are not supposed to eat any type of meat and keep your eating to a minimum to show respect for Christ and all that he did for us.  Lent will end on what is known as the Holy Saturday before Easter Sunday. 

These special dates represent your faith and you should show your love and respect for the faith by participating in these special events.

Most people like to worship in church and give praise to their Lord that way.  For some, they want to spend their time at home worshiping their Lord silently.  It does not matter what or how you choose to celebrate as long as you remember what you are celebrating. 

You can also spend your Easter 2020 celebrating with your family and loved ones with a special dinner.  Everyone can chip in together and make a special dinner for everyone. 

You will enjoy your time spending time in the kitchen and cooking together with loved ones and sharing special thoughts together.

These kitchen memories are ones that you will remember for a long time and share with your new family members as the years go on.

You can spend weeks planning your greatest Easter ever.  You can plan a great meal and plenty of wonderful activates to do together. 

You can plan a fun Easter egg hunt with the younger children. They will enjoy this special activity year after year. 

It does not matter what the ages of the children are, you can plan a great hunt for any child of any age.  There is something so appealing to kids about hiding colored Easter eggs with goodies stashed inside of them. 

After your Easter dinner and egg hunt is over, you can spend the rest of the day sitting with your family and talking.  You can share special memories and create new ones to talk about in the years to come.

Even if people are alone they can still spend a wonderful day celebrating the Easter holiday.  You can talk on the phone to your loved ones and make your own special dinner or go out to eat.  There are some restaurants that are open on this holiday. 

Whatever you have planned for your Easter 2020, you will be sure to have a great day thinking about your faith and spending quality time with your family and for some people, spending time alone or with strangers.  It will not take much to plan and create a great Easter holiday celebration. 

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