Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Easter Basket

Getting ready for the Easter holiday is one of the funniest holidays to decorate and wait for.  This is true because what other holiday can you receive great candy and delicious treats for? 

You do not have to be a young child to get excited about the fun and creative holiday that approaches us every year.  One way for us to get ready for this great holiday is to get our Easter baskets ready.  Everyone needs to have a great Easter basket for this holiday.

There are all kinds of different Easter baskets around.  There are small ones, tall one, plain ones and even colored Easter baskets.  It all depends on what you want for to hold your precious Easter eggs or your delicious candy.  You can either buy a special basket or make your own as a family project. 

A lot of us still have our Easter basket from when we were young children.  It a special keepsake for most of us and we love to get that same great basket out year after year.  You are never too old to have an Easter basket and display it for all your goodies. 

You can buy great looking Easter baskets at any local department store of at a Holiday shop.  There are so many kinds to choose from. 

You can get colorful baskets or you can get a plain basket and dress it up yourself or keep it just the way it is.  You can take your kids shopping for Easter baskets.  You can let them pick out their own or you can do it and surprise your children with them. 

If you do not want to buy an Easter basket, you can make them with your children as a special memory.  There are many different materials that you can make your Easter baskets with. 

There are lots of ways to get started on your creative baskets.  One way to start making your Easter basket is to go to the store and get a plain basket.  You can decorate the basket to your taste with almost any decorative materials that you can find.

There are some things that you can decorate your baskets with from your own home.  You can find many things that are just lying around your home to have fun with.  You can decorate with buttons, beads, old fabric, or even pasta. 

You can take any of these items and glue or sew them onto the baskets.  When you are using the pasta, you can take food coloring or paint and color the pasta for your baskets. 

You can take the fabric that you have lying around and sew it on your basket for a liner or you can use it to decorate the outside.  Once you have the fabric on, you can take the beads or buttons and glue or sew them onto the basket. 

You can even take the ribbon and sting it along the outside of the basket.  Once you have this done you can use the extra ribbon for a bow on top. 

You can also use markers or paint to create beautiful designs on your Easter baskets.  It doe not matter what you use and how you do it, just let your creative juices flow and have a great time spending time and creating memories with your family.

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