Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is celebrated meaning that was the day Christ rose from the dead. Easter starts 40 days before Easter Sunday representing Ash Wednesday.

Lent then ends on Holy Saturday before Easter. During Lent, the traditions of fasting between meals, not eating meat are spiritual issues throughout some cultures.

Easter is celebrated in many different ways, in many different religions. Each Easter holiday is a method of making memories for families; bringing families back together again, and for remembering Christ in some way of your life.

Most families of Easter Sunday will wake up and participate in religious services. The women and young women will wear a spring dress and some might even wear a bonnet.

Some of the bonnets can be simple or designed with feathers or bows on them.  The men will wear their best suits in honor of Easter Sunday.

Dressing up for Easter mass and for the Easter meal is something that the family will prepare for days in advance.

This is not only because of religious reasons but also because this is one time of year that the entire family can get together and spend some time together eating a meal and feeling good about life in general.

After services are finished, the families will go home and eat a dinner of ham, potatoes, vegetables, and so on.

Ham is one of the most familiar ingredients of the Easter Sunday dinner.  The dinner is to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ the Lord.

Many families will get together and celebrate. This celebration is one that is seen in many different religions and around the world.

If you have never celebrated Easter you may be missing out on one of the best family holidays, where you can eat, be together, and remember all about God at the same time.

Sure there are some people who do not believe in the same things or in the same way as others do, but the important thing is really being together, and just feeling the love of life.

Many games and activities are played by the children after dinner is served. The traditional egg hunt is most common as with the egg rolling down a hill contest.

Some towns will have an Easter Parade.  The parades will have floats of the Easter Rabbit, pretty spring flowers, and of course candy! Many parades will have the characters blown up like huge balloons also.

If you love the spring, Easter is a time to think about spring and to look forward to the flowers blooming, and giving flowers to others. Flowers are a sign of life, new life, and being reborn.

Other familiar symbols of the Easter season can be the rabbit, eggs, baby chicks, or lilies. These often resemble new life or being reborn.

In addition, children love to play with small animals, and adults like flowers.  Look for a new rabbit or a little chick and think about new life, this is the rebirth of Christ which is the reason for the season.

Easter Sunday is a time for rejoice and to put all the fighting behind each other and just move on with the happy parts of life.