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Emerging Trends In Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower acts as a gateway to the ultimate wedding day. It is a much-awaited party event that leaves a mark in the minds of everyone even before the forthcoming real memorable grand occasion which would be occurring within two months or perhaps only two weeks.

It’s a precious moment for the close family and friends of the bride who spends cozy time with her before the big wedding day. It is commonly organized by the maid-of-honor and bridesmaids.

The obvious reason for a shower is to give (shower) things to the would-be couple that will help them set up a new home together. The showers have varied forms changing from region to region and differing among different social groups.

The emerging trends of bridal shower

  1. Scheduling

It is nowadays being considered best to organize a Bridal Shower two months before the final wedding.

2. Bridal Shower Invitations

Mailing the guests three to four weeks before the event is in vogue and the mail should appropriately include the following information:

  • Name of the bride-to-be
  • Date
  • It is best to put the beginning and end times on the invitation
  • Address where the shower is being held.
  • Name and phone number of the hostess/hostesses
  • The RSVP (This is usually about two weeks prior to the shower date.)
  • Bridal Shower theme
  • Home decorating colors
  • It is helpful to add a map of the shower location

3. Scheduling of a Bridal Shower at the Home of the Hostess

As the bride becomes independent, the traditional way of helping and setting up of homes becomes irrelevant. So, these days the Bridal shower is hosted by a best friend, sister, or auntie.

4. Defining properly the Bridal Menu

This has assumed importance nowadays. It is trendy to define properly the bridal menu beforehand for the convenience of all.

5. A couple shower

A couple of shower is organized to have the pre-wedding-festive feel for the groom. This is a trend of the day.

All the people coming in the bridal shower are so tuned to the party that the whole Bridal Shower plan transforms into a well-organized bridal festivity involving both the bride and the groom.

6. Welcome Party at Spa

Nowadays another trend occupies the scene whereby the guests welcomed in the Bridal Party are signed up for two to three spa services.

The organizer has reserved spaces in the spa so that everyone invited in the Bridal shower can spend a nice Bridal-juncture by having lunch together and by giving the gifts to the bride and groom.

7. Pizza Party Shower

Another fine trend in the Bridal Shower which has become popular is going out for pizza and bowling.

8. Office shower

Sometimes the Bridal Shower is now being arranged at the office. The office colleagues hereby organize the bridal shower for their closest friends.

Thus, we find that new and innovative styles are being advocated for Bridal Showers. The more invigorating is the Bridal Shower, the more it would stay as a memoir- this is the idea kept in mind while organizing contemporary Bridal Shower parties.

The prevalent belief is that the sweet reminiscence of bridal Shower will lead to the glorious nuptial ceremony. This would be another fusion of great pleasure and shine.

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