Five Delicious Coffee Recipes

Five Delicious Coffee Recipes
Five Delicious Coffee Recipes

Get started with a boom at the threshold of the day just with a cup of coffee. What happened? Didn’t you like the proposition? Oh! You don’t like that age-old formula of making coffee? Also, bored with the taste?

To bring an end to your tired taste buds, here are a few delicious coffee recipes.

You can try out your java coffee with some grated orange peel; cinnamon maybe a teaspoon and cloves for a change. You can even add a creamy topping sometimes. Yummy! Your mouth started watering right now?

Try out mint cocoa coffee

Your recipe includes regular coffee, one jigger of chocolate mint liquor, shaved chocolate and whipped cream to add a delicious and calorie rich coat.

Once you have brewed the entire stuff give a chill to your nerves any time in the day. You can have it single or with meals as you like it.

Shake off your blues with coffee milkshakes

Yummy! That’s the first word that goes with coffee milkshake. At least four scoops of vanilla ice cream, one pint of coffee ice cream and a cup of cold coffee.

While preparing coffee milkshakes be careful that things don’t split up into simple iced coffee. Therefore the coffee ice cream has to remain very cold. The coffee ice cream and the coffee have to be churned thoroughly in the blender till the smooth layer of the shake is derived.

Ah! Don’t just drive your energy to prepare this coffee recipe. Keep some in store to serve it as well. Your real flavor lies in the mood you have it. Unless that’s built up all your efforts will go in vain. So serve this rich creamy coffee milkshake in tall glasses and don’t forget too add a scoop of ice cream or two to make you feel heavens at the look itself.

Taste the best with Irish coffee

Hey how do you like to booze with Irish drinks? Awesome! Then try out some Irish alcohols with regular coffee. The preparation is very simple. One jigger of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, one teaspoon of sugar, two-third cup of coffee, cinnamon and one-fourth cup of cream are what you require.

The coffee has to be prepared hot and sugar has to be stirred well in it. Alcohol and whipping cream will then be added plus the cinnamon will enrich the flavor. But remember once you have sprinkled the cinnamons, don’t stir the coffee or you will break the Irish chemistry then itself.

Chill yourself with frosty mochas

The ingredients are very common. One cup of brewed coffee that has to be specifically fresh, one pint of vanilla ice cream which has to be softened, around six tablespoons of chocolate syrup and a must is one cup of cold coffee. After all you know the item is frozen. Mind it!

Hot coffee and chocolate syrup are blended in the blender till the mixture becomes smoothened. Then add the ice cream and cold coffee in it after pouring it into a bowl. You have to further smoothen it with a rotary beater. Don’t delay to serve when things are prepared because the chilling effect will get lost. Serve them in tall glasses with a spoon. Enjoy it whenever you are tired and sick of everything going around you.