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Get On The Internet

The internet is proving to be a substantial venue for promoting products. If you have a retail outlet having a web site can be an extension of your store.

With our busy lifestyles and dual-income families, it can be easier for many people to simply go online and make their purchases.

This saves time and gas. If you have a store it would be prudent of you to have a web presence.

When customers come into your store capture their email address. You could have a form they fill out with a checkbox that they check off permitting you to send them a newsletter or sale notification.

A large database of clients can be built by doing just this one thing. By having a web site and regularly sending out newsletters you keep your name in front of the client at all times.

When they need a product you sell, they will most likely think of your store, as you are always reminding them of your presence.

Offer your database a special discount now and then for email subscribers only.

Write an article of interest you think your clientele would be interested in, i.e.; if you sell golf clubs research and write an article on how to improve their golf swing, or if you have a dress shop write an article on what the next season’s colors will be.

This will keep your site sticky (people will want to come back often as they get good information when visiting your site).

If you feel you have no writing skills you can go to and very reasonably hire a writer who can write small articles for you.

Your return on investment would be worth it. Always update your site with new articles, new products, and sales on a regular basis. Fresh content added often will keep your site high up on the search engines.

You can easily find software today that makes it easy for you to create a web site. Just visit your local software retailer and you will find many ideas for web site creation software.

It is quite inexpensive as well. HTML knowledge is not a prerequisite for creating a web site. You can find software now that lets you simply follow a template in a WYSIWYG editor.

This stands for “what you see is what you get“. If this is intimidating you can hire a web site designer. They are relatively inexpensive, depending on what type and how extensive your site is.

Make sure when you choose a domain name you give this a lot of thought. It is better to have the keyword that describes your product in your domain name, than something totally unrelated. The search engines will find you easier.

Once you have your site, it needs to be registered with the search engines or directories. This can be done manually or you can pay someone to do it.

Common search engines are Google, Yahoo, Msn, Lycos, etc. Web shoppers use search engines when they are looking for specific information or products.

It is better to get a web site hosted by a company that you pay a monthly fee for rather than use a free one, as they can have a lot of advertising on your site, which doesn’t look professional. Just Google hosting companies and you will find a large number available.

There are many excellent books in book stores that teach you all about marketing on the web. It is worth the read as it is very competitive out there. Knowledge is a definite plus! Good Luck!

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