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Get The Most Dazzling Smile Through Periodontal Plastic Surgery.

Who does not want to have a killer smile like Tom Cruise?

You might be thinking it is no use in wishing the things that are impossible.

But believe me or not, you can have a smile as great as that of Tom cruise in realty and that is through a simple procedure called Periodontal plastic surgery.

You flash a dazzling smile on anybody an interviewer or the person on your first date rest assured, the battle is half won.

More and more Americans seem to realize this little fact of life that a winning smile is sufficient for earning you a great fortune.

So, we find an increasing number of people are turning to periodontal or smile enhancement cosmetic procedures to add that extra something to their looks and personality.

The numbers of people who resort to periodontal procedures in fact surpass those undergoing the other forms of cosmetic surgeries.

According to certain dental researches, a large number of people are not happy about their smile and ready to undergo any procedures to make their smile more impressive.

The periodontal cosmetic surgery offers the best solution to these people who want to use their smile to the best effect.

This highly effective cosmetic procedure may help you in the areas described below.

Uneven Gum Line or Gummy Smile

For some people, too much gum area is exposed or teeth look too short when they smile. Sometimes, the gum area covers some of the teeth too much leaving the others exposed to a wrong proportion.

Long Teeth and Exposed Roots

Sometimes your smile renders you an older look. This is because, sometimes tooth roots become too exposed due to gum recession and teeth appear to be too long, making you look older than you actually are. They also lead to cavity development.

Missing Teeth

Missing tooth can make you look miserable with an appalling smile.

Indentation in the Gums and Jawbone

Loss of tooth results into indentation in the gums and jawbone due to receding of jaw bones for not holding any tooth for a long time.

The science of dentistry has improved remarkably over the years. Alongside, treating many periodontal diseases, there emerged a number of sophisticated periodontal cosmetic procedures to improve your smile.

These cosmetic procedures not only improve your looks, often it has been seen that periodontal surgeries have resulted into better dental functions.

We will briefly describe some of the most popular periodontal cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile.

Crown Lengthening

This procedure is largely used to correct your gummy smile or repair a too exposed gum line.

This surgery is regarded as the most basic of cosmetic dentistry. In this procedure excess gum tissue or bone tissue is removed and reshaped so that more of the crown of the tooth is visible.

The next step involves the sculpting of the gumline to render a better smile.

This cosmetic procedure can be performed on a single tooth or several teeth or even along the entire gum line so that your teeth are no longer covered excessively by the gum when you smile.

Sometimes, some of your tooth is decayed below the gum line. The gum and bone level can be exposed through Crown Lengthening so that it can be restored.

The Crown Lengthening not only gives you a better smile it improves your periodontal health…you can eat more comfortably and speak more effortlessly.

Soft Tissue Grafts

There are Periodontal cosmetic procedures to improve your smile by stopping further gum recession which causes exposed tooth roots.

This condition makes your teeth too long and results into an awful smile. A soft tissue graft procedure will repair the defect by covering exposed roots.

It also prevents further gum recession and to protect the sensitive roots from decay and bone loss.

This procedure also helps to develop gum tissue in the areas of recession due to excessive gingival recession.

In this method of gum repairing, gum tissue are collected from your palate or another donor source to cover the exposed root. This process can be applied for a single tooth, a number of teeth or the entire gum line.

Not only a soft tissue graft reduces further recession and bone loss it also covers exposed roots to protect them from decay.

In the process the sensitivity of your teeth is reduced and of course the beauty of your smile is restored.

Ridge Augmentation

This procedure is employed to fill up the indention in your gums and jawbone due to the loss of tooth.

It helps to regain the natural contour of your gums and jaw. A natural looking new tooth is placed, which is easy-to-clean.

So, if you happen to be one who often complains of a not so good denture, here is your opportunity to get an all new look by the simple means of  periodontal Plastic surgery.

So, follow the footsteps of millions of Americans and get the earliest appointment of your dentist to have a periodontal cosmetic correction performed on your teeth.

Now, get ready to set the world on fire with your dazzling smile.





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