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Gift Your Dad A Perfect Fishing Gear

Is your dad a fishing enthusiast? Has he been a pro for half of his life? Or is it that he has decided to pick fishermen’s skills only now, when he is retired and feels completely bored by the lack of work.

Whatever the reason be, you have decided this year to gift your father with a very special gift. A complete fishing kit. But you have never indulged into the grand sport yourself. Therefore, you have no idea of what should exactly be considered to be a proper fishing gear.

Do not jump into the nearby neighborhood hobby shop until and unless you have somewhat mastered the subject’s basics. You should get familiar with the equipment that are to be found in an everyday tackle box.

First things first. You need a proper fishing rod. These come in a number of variations. You must depend upon your father’s probable like and dislikes if you do not want to ask him. But asking him would, without doubt, spoil the surprise.

Ask yourself. Would he like a rod that is good for long casting? That will help him to cast even the lightest of baits to quite some distance away from the boat. Or maybe he would prefer a light and slim, yet powerful rod.

Ask for the advice of the salesman on your choice of fishing rod. Taking his advice, put them to test yourself. Check out if the rod has good balance or if it tires out the hand too easily.

Also check out on the quality of the wheel and the quality of the cork grip of the rod. Remember that, a proper rod is always measured by its flexibility and torque. You would never want to feel the rod assisting the fish rather than you.

Make sure that the line you buy for your father is light as well as strong. If its too light but at the same time weak, it will not be able to hold back big fish. Make sure that the line is limp and not stiff.

Also, the line should be relatively smooth. Being abrasion-free is an important quality in lines. Otherwise, they might break at contact with brush piles, rock ledges, or other stick ups.

Keep in mind that there might be any kind of lines available. Some will be stronger than others so that they might resist the pull of strong fish. 

Remind yourself to buy for your father the most supple line with the least memory yet the best knot tying strength coupled with good handling features. Limited stretch and excellent shock sense is important as well as the malleability which lets you feel every tap and nibble.

The next important thing in the tackle box would be the lure. A good lure is most important in the sport of angling. If fish do not get attracted by your dad’s bait, it will be a complete failure of a fishing experience for him.

There are a number of baits available in the market and each cater to a different segment of the market. If you want a Husky, your lure should be different from the lure which you need to catch a Shad with. You can check out everything you need to know about lures from stores available on the Internet.

Finally, a tip, do not go only by the jazzy looks of equipment available in the market. Looks do not necessarily mean a fine tackle box. Go by the reputation of the equipment instead.

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