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What Make A Perfect Salmon Fishing Gear

There is no shortcut way about knowing what should be your perfect Salmon fishing gear until and unless you go out and have the experience of buying gear for yourself.

There is nothing like getting to know things in a practical way. After you read this write-up, most probably you will start forgetting the content immediately.

But, as the first step, whatever little information you retain will come in handy at the tackle shop.

It gives you that familiarity with the subject which prevents you from making a fool out of yourself after you have reached your fishing hobby center. Being prepared always pays dividends.

You should, for example, have a basic idea about what kind of lure you would prefer to use when you are fishing for Salmon.

For instance, if you are going for Salmon fishing, you need to know that Salmon lures come in a number of different forms and sizes.

You can use a Flashtrap Spinner. You get a number of different Flashers and Dodgers that you can choose from when you go fishing for Salmon.

You must also try out the different kind of fishing reels that are available in the market which are suitable for salmon fishing.

Go to the Internet and check out the specification of the equipment you intend to buy. For example, when you are buying the fishing reel, make sure that the retrieve ratio of that reel is relatively high up.

The choice is up to you, would you like to buy a lightweight reel, or would you rather prefer something heavier like the convector from Okuma whose oversized drop-down gearbox makes it easier for the cranking power efficiency?

You might buy from a number of options featuring such names as Energy, Boca, Catalyst, or Cabo. All quite sufficient for your purpose, all fine spinning reels with buttery fine smooth drags. A lightweight spinning Reel from Daiwa is also a good buy.

You get a number of good choices when it comes to buying your fishing rod. You can choose an integrated single piece spinning rod. You can also choose a ‘backtrolling’ rod which is ideal for catching King Salmons.

For tackle and lure, you can depend on Luhr Jensen. They offer a number of really good fishing equipment.

They are good at manufacturing salmon fishing gear. You can choose a trolling fly when you are fishing for Salmon. This is a popular Salmon fishing technique at Lake Michigan.

For fishing line, choose something that is supple enough yet at the same time does not stretch too much.

Also, see to it that the line is smooth enough, otherwise it might break at contact with an abrasive surface. Some fish have enough sharp teeth to cut clear through your fishing line.

To prevent tearing the line, you might choose a double-braided line. With these lines, knots are easier to tie, and yet, they are lines with a short memory.

For your hook, you can depend on wide-gap hooks. They are especially good for salmon fishing. You can either choose the hooks from Gamakatsu, or you can go for VMC Treble Hooks. Both are quite good for catching Salmons.

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