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Bass Fishing Tips

The bass is an attacking predator that likes to ambush its prey from its hidden vantage point under the cover of moss and sedge. Consequently, lures are very effective in bass fishing.

The aggressiveness of this fish, and the variety of lures and fishing styles that can be employed to hook this species make it one of the topmost gamefish in angling circuits.

Bass fishing tournaments are becoming more and more popular every day, and one reason is that the variety is available in almost all warm sweetwater bodies across the USA and Europe.

Spinnerbaits are a very flexible and popular type of bass bait that you can use to fish for bass in several different conditions.

Whether the water is clear or opaque, and whether you want to cast in shallow or deep water, you shall probably find that spinnerbaits are adaptable to the situation. It is also applicable to both fast and slow styles of fishing.

However, spinnerbaits require considerable technique and skill to fish with. If you’re a beginner in bass fishing and would like something simpler to start with, consider buying crankbaits.

These come in a great variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and can be extremely effective when used in the appropriate situation.

Be careful about the size of the bill (or ‘lip’, as it is sometimes called) when buying crankbait.

Depending on the season and the depth at which you want to fish (for bass will populate varying depths at varying temperature conditions), buy crankbait lure with a long or a short bill.

But bass aren’t always susceptible to visual attractors, because they often live in murky depths where vision isn’t an important sense.

To take advantage of some advanced angling technology, go for a buzzbait.

These do not drop to any great depth, but stay near the surface and emit spluttering noises and distracting commotions.

For a predating fish like the bass, this simulates the dying throes of a wounded prey. Dinner!

The bass is lured up out of his deep ambush and brought near the surface where you can then proceed to catch it.

Whatever lure you choose for bass fishing, remember that the stimulus must excite the eating instinct in the fish, or your efforts will have been in vain.

Try to match the color, shape and size of your bait with what the bass are normally eating during that season. This will require a little research, or guidance from an expert bass fisherman.

Casting or flipping for bass often yield good results, but for the beginner, trolling is likely to be much more successful.

This involves letting your bouquet of baits into the water from the stern of your boat and towing it along till there’s a bite.

Trolling doesn’t require any special type of bait, and any of the types discussed above will work.

Even artificial bait in the shape of worms, snails, minnnows, or any other size and shape that matches the normal diet of the bass will work with this technique.

Trolling covers more water more thoroughly than you could by casting, plunking or flipping, and is therefore more appropriate for the novice angler who wants good results in a short time.

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