Have You Tried Reflexology?

Detail baby having foot massage

One form of alternative treatment for pain relief that is becoming more and more popular is reflexology.

This natural method uses your feet to treat your whole body and is gentle and painless.

Reflexology can be used to achieve good health and balance or to alleviate symptoms from stress, migraines, infertility, back pain, arthritis and injury.

It is not a means to cure ailments but rather a method to soothe and ease pain without the side effects of medications.

Reflexology can speed the healing process and may be used alongside traditional medicine and medications.

The benefits of reflexology extend past simply relieving pain. This alternative method of healing can also be used to achieve balance and health as well as to maintain good health.

If you are thinking of adding reflexology to your regime, then you must take care when selecting your practitioner.

Since reflexology is becoming more and more popular, you should have plenty to pick from in your area.

Make sure the practitioner you choose has the appropriate qualifications and is someone that you feel comfortable with.

If you do not like your practitioner or they do not have a demeanor that is soothing to you, your sessions could be adversely affected.

Your first session will be mostly a learning session for the practitioner. This is a time for them to get to know about you and your problems so that they can map out the best course of treatment.

This is actually the most important part of the therapy as learning about the patient is critical to choosing the treatment that will best suit your needs.

You will also receive your first reflexology session using your feet. Plan an hour for each treatment.

Once the practitioner zeros in on where your pain is, they will be able to use your feet to treat your inner organs.

After the session, pay particular attention to how you react as this information is important feedback for your practitioner.

It is important that you report back your reactions so be sure to write them down and bring the paper to your next session.

Everyone responds differently to treatment, but most people report a feeling of total relaxation and well being.

Remember, the healing process is different for everyone and can take time so don’t expect miracles on your first visit.

Reflexology is a great alternative method to relieving pain or just maintaining your general well being. It is totally natural, non invasive and has no adverse side effects.

Why suffer needlessly from back pain, migraines or any other ailment when you could give reflexology a try?