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How Conservatories Can Make Your House A Special Place

A new trend is emerging within households, as conservatories are finding their way into the homes of those who appreciate the significance of extra living space.

There are many exclusive designs and styles offered on the market nowadays, some are quite basic while others are built to follow the owner’s distinctive tastes in styles such as Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian designs.

Edwardian and Georgian style conservatories have angular fronts and feature added touches inspired from Greek and Roman architecture, while the Victorian style conservatories are set up with a high-pitched roof, which is intricately decorated through its centre.

The glass panels can number three to five and there is a prevalence of glass as opposed to wood.

These styles of conservatories, however are not suitable for all houses, you will have to choose one that blends with the rest of the house in order to compliment the overall effect and not stand out as a detached piece.

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There are also other simpler styles, such as lantern, p-shaped or lean-to styles. The latter have rectangular roofs that lean against the house at an angle, and are also thought of as studio rooms or sun lounges.

P-shaped conservatories offer more space and are a combination between lean-to styles and Georgian styles.

These conservatories are built with highly sophisticated glass, which is specific for the use they are aimed at.

Polycarbonate glass is the most common used in conservatories for it offers a maximum transparency and exposure to the sun rays, as well as absorbing the warmth during the winter months, it is also the least expensive.

Celsius glass is quite unique for it will absorb and retain heat in winter and refract overheating in summer, due to a special micro coating which gives it a slight blue tint to avoid the suns brightness.

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