How Effective Is Garlic In Treating And Controlling Blood Pressure?


I don’t know whether you have heard about it or not but there are many people who are claiming that taking garlic is effective in treating and controlling the blood pressure levels.

There are plenty of patients of hypertension who are adding this wonder food into their diet because they firmly believe this.

It has been reported that garlic has been used by people for centuries to treat a variety of diseases.

In fact, it was found recently that this food can cause the release of Hydrogen Sulfide by the red blood cells.

Basically, Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S has the potential to relax the blood vessels in the body and this in turn helps in reducing the blood pressure levels.

Believe it or not, two cloves of garlic have the tendency to relax the blood vessels by about 72%.

This was reported by researchers who undertook a study on garlic. Those people who have hardened blood vessels or arteries can benefit can consuming garlic on a regular basis.

This is not the only good thing about garlic because the Hydrogen Sulfide can also protect the tissue around the heart as well as the heart.

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you will certain find an improvement in your overall health by adding this wonder food in to your daily diet.

Not only will your pressure level reduce, garlic will also help in fighting blockages and plague that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

I don’t know whether you are aware or not but one in every five people are affected with hypertension and about fifty thousand people are die every year because of high blood pressure.

Thus, it is important that you treat this disorder before it gets out of hand. It is true that there are many medications that are available in the pharmacy that can help in controlling the pressure but one thing you need to realize is that apart from taking the hypertension medications.

You should also include garlic in to your daily diet because, it is a natural way to control your blood pressure.

Even if you are not sure whether garlic can help in decreasing the level of blood pressure, there is no harm in taking this food because it is good for health.

If it is not effective then you have nothing lose, but if it is effective then you stand to gain.